'Bike Karen' Race Hoaxer Does a Jussie Smollett, Doubles Down on Smears

YouTube / Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

A few weeks ago, internet race hustler Rashad Richey of The Young Turks defamed a pregnant nurse getting off of a 12-hour shift who was accosted by a band of urban youths. A dispute over the rental of a city “e-bike” ensued.


The youths mocked her when she began to cry and predicted her baby would be born “retarded.”

Richey dubbed her a “Karen” (a racist slur for white women) and claimed she had attempted to steal the bike from innocent black teenagers. He excoriated her for “weaponizing white tears,” alluding to historical incidents like the Emmett Till killing in the 1950s.

These people maintain the delusion that race relations in today’s United States are like 1955 Mississippi from coast to coast.

Following Richey’s video (and others) and after receiving death threats from the hornet’s nest that Richey had kicked over, the pregnant nurse produced receipts through her attorney showing that she had indeed rented the bike.

Later, presumably under pressure from his lawyers and/or handlers at The Young Turks, Richey quietly deleted the original defamatory video and uploaded a quasi-apology with clichés about integrity or whatever. The stench of fear of a lawsuit is palpable.

But he couldn’t help himself. So he brought on the thug’s stupid sister, who unwittingly exposes her own brother as the perpetrator and suddenly reverted to his prior talking points about an evil white woman racially targeting innocent black teenagers for a robbery after getting off of her 12-hour work shift.


It surely must’ve galled this man to no end in his racist little heart to be forced to apologize, however half-heartedly, to a white Karen he hates so much. I hope it ate at him day and night. I would like to believe the innocent nurse tormented him in his sleep as he tossed and turned, reminding him even in his sleep that she was the victor in his little racist vendetta.

The short version of the update here is that the combined receipts from the thug’s sister and the pregnant nurse, along with the video, show that the nurse checked the bike out and then the thug forcibly re-docked the bike so that he could scan it and check it out. That practice runs counter to the official policy, which prohibits claims over bicycles that are checked into the system and available to the public for rental, which the nurse’s was when she attempted to check it out.

Neither the sister nor Richey are apparently aware that even by their own account the thug was not in the right.

Some people might call what the youth did a robbery — not a George Soros DA, but some people.



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