MSNBC Pushes Narrative That Non-Whites Are White Supremacists

Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Mauricio Garcia — not Caucasian — shot up a mall north of Dallas, and the corporate media immediately seized on the shooting immediately to advance the narrative that it was a White Supremacist™ hate crime.


As others have pointed out, months later there is still no official ideological explanation for the transgender shooter in Tennessee who wrote a manifesto, presumably filled with LGBTQ+++™ propaganda, and then shot up a school in service to it.

The manifesto has yet to be released for public scrutiny. Of course, we all know that if it contained white supremacist content as opposed to LGBTQ+++™ dogma, law enforcement would have leaked it to the press without delay — probably on the same day as the attack.

In contrast to the hide-the-ball game with the transgender manifesto, within mere hours of the Dallas shooting, before the bodies were cold, the narrative had already been cemented that White Supremacy™ was the ideological culprit.

The shooting commenced on May 6, 2023, at 3:36 p.m. Central Daylight Time. “The gunman may have espoused white supremacist ideology, according to two law enforcement officials,” read the New York Times write-up later that same day.

Building on the corporate media narrative that Persons of Color™ can also be White Supremacists™ so as to expand the base of potential perpetrators of “hate crimes,” MSNBC invited Kristofer Goldsmith, the proprietor of a “veteran-owned open-source intelligence firm specializing in the detection and disruption of today’s greatest threats against democracy: disinformation campaigns and domestic extremism.”

Sounds fancy. He could’ve saved some characters and just written “proud Deep State goon,” but that might have been a little on the nose.


At any rate, you have to respect the hustle, turning an otherwise standard four-year military stent into a whole career for himself, eventually landing a coveted spot on cable news with Katie Phang.

“Look at me, Mom! I made it!”

“There is a misconception that all white nationalists have to be white. But let’s look at Hispanic white nationalists… What have you seen in regards to non-white people becoming advocates for white supremacist ideas?” Phang prompts him.

“The Latinx identity is incredibly complex,” Goldsmith begins. “It is not exclusively a race.” (By “complex,” perhaps he means “entirely manufactured out of thin air.” There is no organic “Lateenks” identity.) “It creates a lot of room for extremist views like white supremacy.”

Goldsmith’s “nonprofit” Task Force Butler Institute has previously partnered with the Poynter Institute — funded by Bill Gates — as well as the scam “fact check” organization Politifact.


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