WATCH: Progressive Media Celebrates Trump Rape Accuser, Claims 'Statute of Limitations Is Incredibly Problematic'

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As recently reported at PJ Media, Trump’s civil rape case for an alleged assault that took place almost thirty years ago has begun, and the Social Justice™ left is salivating at the chance to take down their chief political opponent and score a #MeToo win simultaneously – two birds, one stone.


The legal mechanism, as explained via New York Magazine, that enabled Trump’s accuser, E. Jean Carroll, to file the case in the first place was an exception carved out in the New York state legal code that many speculate was crafted especially to enable the prosecution of Trump:

In November 2022, Carroll filed a new lawsuit against Trump on both sexual battery and defamation grounds. Carroll was able to do so because of the Adult Survivors Act, a new New York state law that went into effect that same month giving adult survivors of sexual misconduct a one-year window to file civil cases that would otherwise be outside the statute of limitations.

The act was signed by New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who made news recently for her brilliant plan to outlaw nicotine in her state.

“The one-year window will begin six months from signing and will allow survivors to sue regardless of the statute of limitations. For many survivors, it may take years to come to terms with the trauma of sexual assault and feel ready to seek justice against an abuser, while possibly experiencing fear of retaliation or shame,” her website reads in justification of the extension.

The Young Turks’ Social Justice™ host, Francesca Fiorentini, disparagingly said that the statute of limitations in that context is “incredibly problematic.”

One must ask himself: would The Young Turks be so quick to jump to the government’s defense if it extended the statute of limitations for prosecuting criminality that they approve of, such as, for just one example, the “mostly peaceful” rioting during the 2020 BLM Summer of Love?


The question answers itself.

Their morality was always highly suspect. But, to the extent they ever had a moral compass to begin with, Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) truly broke their brains. There is now no principle, no matter how foundational to American rule of law, that they are not willing to sacrifice in pursuit of Donald Trump’s orange head.

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