Pfizer Silently Funded 'Nonprofit' Chicago Urban League to Promote Citywide Vaxx Mandate

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Technocrats like Justin Trudeau apparently expect the public to believe that because they did not personally, literally raid houses door-to-door Iraq occupation-style, kicking in doors and shooting up screaming women and children with their mRNA therapies, they cannot be said to have “forced” anyone to get vaxxed.


To anyone willing to honestly assess the situation, this is shysterly sophistry – the worst kind of revisionist history to excuse state despotism, a disgusting lie.

For all intents and purposes, — through a variety of mechanisms such as corporate media fearmongering, government mandates to work or go to school, demonization of “anti-vaxxers,” preposterous incentives like free doughnuts to get injected, etc. – the authorities fostered an environment in which, while getting injected might not have been technically mandated, functioning in society was practically impossible without proof of vaccination.

Against that backdrop, we now know that Pfizer was quietly sponsoring “nonprofit” organizations like the Chicago Urban League with the intention of manipulating the public into getting injected by laundering their propaganda through ostensibly neutral, objective organizations working in the public interest. Pfizer hoped it could slip mandates into the legal while keeping its image clean.


Chicago Urban League president, Karen Freeman-Wilson, made an appearance on local news station WTTW in August 2021 to lobby for city-wide vaxx mandates for all municipal employees.

“The health and safety factor here far outweighs the concern about shutting people out or creating a barrier,” Freeman-Wilson said. “We absolutely support barriers because our health depends on it.”

(“Barrier” as used here is a euphemism for “mandate.”)

One would be forgiven for assuming the Chicago Urban League is an on-the-level civic organization advancing the interest of its constituents, because that’s how the group explicitly markets itself:

Since 1916, the Chicago Urban League has helped people find jobs, secure affordable housing, enhance their educational experiences, and grow their businesses. One of the oldest and largest affiliates of the National Urban League, we promote strong, sustainable communities through advocacy, innovation, and collaborative community, corporate and civic relationships.

Apparently the “collaborative corporate relationships” that the Chicago Urban League cultivates include undisclosed funding from Pfizer to promote government mandates to use its products. Via The Intercept reporter Lee Fang:


[The Chicago Urban League in 2021] received a $100,000 grant from Pfizer, the manufacturer of one of the most commonly used COVID-19 vaccines in the United States, for a project to promote “vaccine safety and effectiveness.” Although the Chicago Urban League is not normally shy about disclosing its corporate donors, the support from Pfizer is not listed in the “partners” section on its website. The drug industry funding likewise went unmentioned during the interview.


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