'Arcturus:' Biomedical State Debuts New COVID Strain

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It’s been a while since the corporate media terrorized their geriatric audiences with the latest alleged SARS-CoV-2 mutation. So they’ve got a new one, which they have dubbed “Arcturus.”


(Who knows if these mutations are real or not, or if they are real, whether they are the products of natural evolution or gain-of-function engineering in one of the many US biolabs scattered throughout the world).

Via Axios (emphases added):

A new COVID-19 subvariant, XBB. 1.16, has been spreading around the world and gaining more recent traction in the U.S.…

“I think the continued emergence of new variants of the virus highlights the need, at least in the short term over the next several years, for there to potentially be an annual booster,” Matthew Binnicker, the director of the Clinical Virology Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic, told Axios.

Arcturus has a similar profile to the XBB.1.5 variant but with “potential increased pathogenicity,” [WHO epidemiologist Maria] Van Kerkhove said.

Anything to sell more “boosters”!

Why in the world would any self-respecting publication still quote the WHO as an authoritative source of information on the pandemic, given its laughably poor track record during the pandemic and its reliance on funding from the corrupt Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

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“Binnicker hasn’t ‘seen good compelling data to suggest that this particular variant is causing worse or more severe disease,'” Axios slips into the article at the very end — when the disclaimer should rightly have been included in the first paragraph.


Every time the biomedical state engineers a new injection marketed as a “vaccine,” we can expect more of the same kind of fearmongering, even without any evidence that the new strain they are marketing is actually any more dangerous than previous strains. On the rare occasion that they do offer the caveat that there is no scientific basis to panic, they slip it in parenthetically, usually at the tail end of the article.

Hilariously, the corporate media outlets debuting the new terror strain Arcturus have fingered a novel COVID-19 symptom that it causes.

Via NBC:

Those itchy, red eyes you have that you assumed were just the start of allergy season? It could very well be something called “Arcturus” instead.

It’s no coincidence that this newly-discovered alleged COVID symptom was unveiled just in time for springtime allergy season so that when you get that annual case of itchy eyes, you’ll panic and go get injected or go through a course of Paxlovid. That’s how this game is played, and it’s dirty as hell.



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