Has-been Rockstar Gene Simmons: 'Shut Up, Be Respectful, Get Vaxxed'

Richard Drew

Has our music been castrated?
To you, it may sound good
To me, it sounds so wrong
The notes and chords sound similar
The same forbidden beat, but
The desperation’s gone
— NOFX, “Desperation’s Gone”


If any uniquely American cultural institution should have held the line on vaccine mandates, it should have been once-dangerous rock ‘n roll.

Now one of its icons, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, has voluntarily taken on the role of (apparently unpaid) Pfizer shill who cheers the state coercion of citizens to submit to intensely personal medical procedures.

Nothing screams “rebel without a cause” like “shut your mouth and get raped with the government needle.”

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Simmons explained on Good Morning Britain that civil rights are overrated, and personal decisions over medical treatments are best left to government bureaucrats:

What about my rights? You don’t have as many rights as you think… Get over yourself… That’s right, the government is telling you what to do. Shut up, be respectful of other people, and get a vaccine.


Simmons was on the Branch COVIDian crazy train super early. Here he is in March 2020, extolling COVID heroes who shut down the society and economy while exhorting the peasants to stay at home and comply:

Gene Simmons is Jewish, and in WWII, his mother was rounded up by the Nazis and placed in the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. He has called her his “moral compass.”

But per Simmons’ forced-vaxx logic, the Hungarian Jews should’ve just shut up and complied, right? The good Nazi footsoldiers, empowered by the state, instructed them to get in the gas chambers, so who would they have been to defy the authorities? After all, “you don’t have as many rights as you think.”


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