'Tabulation Issues': Reject Technocratic Overlords, Demand Paper Ballots

(AP Photo/Andy Wong)

“Democracy is on the ballot” was the constant henpecking refrain by the Democrat Party and the corporate media in the run-up to the “most important election of our lifetime” (like literally every election in the past twenty years).


Unfortunately, the voting machines they champion might not read the ballots, so we won’t really know for sure if democracy carried the day.

The 2022 midterms are already proving to be an epic disaster for the machines who lord over our free and fair elections.

Matt Margolis reported on what the local media and precinct operators are now dubbing “tabulation issues” in Maricopa County, Ariz. — an obvious euphemism for the failure of the Democrat machines to count votes.

Catherine Salgado similarly reported that the voting machines in New Jersey also “malfunctioned.”

We all know in which party’s favor any machine errors will go. If and when recounts are required — as Brandon’s barely literate press secretary conveyed the day before the elections at the behest of the administrative state — then lo and behold! Democrats in tight races will pull out a miracle.

The voting citizenry — to the extent that’s what the dying middle and working classes can still be realistically called — is dragged through this melodramatic rigmarole every election cycle.


The Democrat Party also uses its institutional advantage to crush non-mainstream populist challengers in primaries and caucuses, not just Republicans in generals.

In the all-important 2020 Iowa Democrat caucus, the DNC provably intervened, using machine jerry-rigging, to snatch the win for neoliberal darling Pete Buttigieg from Bernie Sanders, before going all-in on Biden in a desperate gambit to keep establishment Democrats in power. It worked, and we have the neoliberal disaster of the last two years of Dark Brandon to prove it.

This is all total nonsense, and “democracy” doesn’t have to suffer at the whims of the machines and whatever puppet master pulls their strings from the shadows.

Unless you buy into the moon hoax conspiracy theory, the United States government managed to put a man on the moon. The state can waste a trillion dollars fighting pointless foreign wars.

Yet MSNBC would have you believe that counting paper is beyond the capacity of the technocrats. It’s just too hard.

That’s how Democracy© works. These are Our Values©.


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