Here's Why Legal Challenges to the 2020 Election Didn't Go Anywhere

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When the subject of legal challenges to election fraud or irregularities in 2020 comes up, Lefties love to sneer, “Oh, you guys didn’t win a single case.” In the most technical sense, they have a point, but that doesn’t mean they’re right. All one has to do is consider the abject partisan, corrupt collapse of America’s legal system at the present moment — a former president and 2024 frontrunner under attack by his opponent’s DOJ as well as little-league state DAs who literally campaigned on promises to “get Trump.” Clearly, Leftism has overthrown Justice as the goal of far too many JDs.

Now, people on the right are insisting that they don’t want a rehash of 2020 and that bringing it up again is killing Trump’s chances in 2024. But they also want to know what his plan is for making sure it doesn’t happen again.

We can’t have a plan for 2024 if we don’t first take an honest accounting of how our legal fight for election integrity was thwarted in 2020.

So let’s look at some of the specifics of how Systemic Leftism in the legal world discriminated against the fight for a fair, truthful election before, during, and after November 2020. This is crucial to understanding how it’s even more potent in the run-up to 2024.


The sad truth is that the legal profession — like pretty much every institution that can only be entered via extensive marination in higher education — is now overwhelmingly Leftist. Even though some clear-headed patriots persist in the ranks, the leadership positions — and the power to make or break careers — are held by Leftists. In 2020, this put our side at a disadvantage right off the bat, as we had a smaller pool of consequential attorneys from which to draw our fighters. Leftists, meanwhile, had an endless supply of foot soldiers, coupled with seemingly unlimited funds, with which to force through their state balloting reforms and crush challenges.

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In response to a post I wrote a while back about a different legal issue, commenters explained what happens to lawyers who stand up against the Left. “As soon as they take the case, their state bar association will be deluged with complaints, and their licenses will be suspended/revoked,” noted one.

Rob Meltzer, an attorney with the Mountain States Law Group, is one of the rare attorneys today who will take on fights against Big Left. “Take a lawsuit that looks unpopular, and you disqualify yourself for the bench,” he explains. “Take an unpopular stance, risk getting your house bombed. Or you end up dead. Sounds like a great law practice when corporate law beckons, no?”

This was certainly in effect as the 2020 election approached. The Establishment had made it clear what the desired outcome was to be, and woe unto any who opposed it. Thus, Team Trump was handicapped right out of the gate as good men and women were intimidated from joining up.

The lawyers who dared stand up to the machine in 2020 were derided and ostracized by polite society, and their reputations were dragged through the mud. It continues today, as half a dozen who worked to remedy election fraud — including Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Sidney Powell, Jeffrey Clark, and Kenneth Chesebro — have been rolled up in hatchet-man Jack Smith’s banana republic persecution of Donald Trump.

“They’re listed as conspirators, not unindicted co-conspirators,” said former Trump White House special counsel Ty Cobb, “which is a significant thing because it suggests they will be indicted unless they work out some arrangement with the government.” These poor bastards are at the mercy of one of the biggest villains of the 21st century and corrupt Joe Biden’s weaponized DOJ. God help them.

Looking forward, the entire ongoing saga illustrates that the Left will literally criminalize mere legal hypothesizing, let alone attempting to test a theory in court. Dissident attorneys can and will be imprisoned.

Now, try to staff the army of lawyers needed to fight Big Left’s election machinations in 2024.

“There was a time when it was the American left who were the loudest supporters of such things as one person/one vote and the sanctity of the verified ballot,” notes Meltzer.


Never forget that back in 2020, every judge in the country had an anvil hanging over her head. It was the so-called Summer of Love, and judges watched the news like everyone else. They saw virtually unchallenged Leftist rioters attack and burn a federal courthouse in Portland, Ore. They saw police stations in multiple cities torched while mobs tried to trap officers inside or run them over as they fled. It was understood that there was a nationwide network of street forces that could be deployed wherever pressure needed to be applied.

It’s only gotten more menacing since then. Today, activists repeatedly menace SCOTUS judges in their homes and even at their places of worship. And they threaten their children.

I’ll bet you a bottle of the good stuff that the summer of 2024 will see a repeat of rioting and chaos — and the unspoken threat of violence and terror against anyone who stands up to it. If even a Supreme Court Justice (and his or her family) isn’t safe, no judge will be, either. And judges are human beings with families, too.

And so, understandably, when fraud cases were brought in their courts in 2020, many judges were inclined to dismiss them. John R. Lott, Jr. summed up what happened at Real Clear Politics:

Courts have rejected challenges to the 2020 presidential vote, generally citing the lack of evidence that any alleged fraud would have altered the outcome in a particular state. The Republican plaintiffs argued that since their observers couldn’t watch the vote counts or were prevented from seeing other evidence, they couldn’t provide such proof without investigations backed by subpoena power. Still, while some judges have agreed that irregularities occurred in 2020, they weren’t willing to grant discovery in the absence of evidence that fraud could reverse the election results. Republicans thus faced a Catch-22 situation.

Much has been written about the questionable techniques the Left uses to generate and harvest massive amounts of ballots. Legal battles are essential to preventing the practice in the first place and exposing it after it’s happened. Perhaps addressing the handicaps with which the Right is unfairly saddled can help us position ourselves to fight and win the battle for fair elections going forward.

We can’t fix it in 2024 if we don’t understand what happened in 2020. May the good guys find the talent, courage, and grace to prosecute the good fight.



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