We Need to Talk About Democrat Political Wives

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I believe in marriage, and I believe husbands and wives should be supportive of one another’s ambitions, but Democrat wives are on a whole other level. They will stand by their man long past the point at which it does their husbands, themselves, their party, or the institution of marriage any good.


I first noticed the phenomenon when Hillary Clinton stayed with her dog of a husband after the Monica Lewinsky scandal exploded. There’s getting cheated on, and then there’s getting cheated with a completely inappropriate, predatory relationship that humiliates the wife on the world stage. If I had been in Hillary’s sensible pumps, Bill might not have survived it. His crap would have been all over the White House lawn. I’d have torched his political career hotter than he torched our marriage.

But Hillary — one of contemporary history’s most celebrated shrews, who some nervously joke is behind a lot of suspicious suicides — stayed. She stayed in the marriage, stayed by Bill’s side, and consequently stayed in the White House. God knows what Faustian bargain the Democrat Party struck with her to stay the course (so they could stay in power), but she did it. And in that act, the Clintons did as much as any same-sex marriage activist to define down the institution of marriage.

(As an aside, here’s a fun thought experiment: How might Hillary’s political ambitions have fared, had she stood up for herself at the moment of her great humiliation?)

Bizarrely, this pattern repeated itself through several spectacular indiscretions on the part of high-profile Democrat politicians in the aughts.


In 2004, New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair — with another man. The resignation was forced by McGreevey’s former security aid, Golan Cipel, preparing to file a sexual harassment suit against him and blow the whole thing open. And before long, stories circulated about McGreevey trolling N.J. highway rest stops for anonymous gay sex, a transgression the father of two later wrote about in his memoir. Yet during his resignation speech, every media outlet glowingly noted that his (second) wife stood by his side. That marriage obviously ended not long after.

A few years later, New Yorkers were stunned by Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s abrupt 2008 resignation, following disclosures that — get this — he had dropped thousands of dollars on fancy D.C. prostitutes. The 48-year-old father of three had even broken the federal Mann Act, which prohibits trafficking women across state lines for “prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose.” Spicy stuff, considering the guy had been New York’s Attorney General prior to getting elected governor. (Don’t worry, he was never charged with any crimes, LOL — he’s a Democrat.)

Gross, right? Yet Spitzer’s wife Silda stood beside him at the podium when he announced his resignation. Why she lent her presence and quiet dignity to her disgusting, two-timing husband’s public self-immolation escapes self-respecting women. She even stayed with him for several more years before finally divorcing the perv in 2013.


“I’m deeply saddened by this turn of events and my thoughts are with Governor Spitzer’s family during this painful time,” said then-carpetbagger N.Y. Sen. Hillary Clinton. She was running for president at the time and was probably not thrilled with the parallels to her own dysfunctional marriage.

Now we have a new and, in many ways, far more disturbing iteration of the Democrat Political Wife. She poses as a traditional wife of a male Democrat leader and enjoys wearing the latest styles and reading to schoolchildren. She models modern motherhood while boasting her own academic or professional accomplishments, which are appropriately impressive without overshadowing her husband.

But in reality, this variety of Democrat Political Wife is a combination of minder and caretaker, and a team player above all. In her role as First Lady, she is naturally physically close to her man at most times and is thus perfectly positioned to manage him during public appearances, such as they are.

Conservatives (and perhaps even some Democrats, though they will never admit it) have watched aghast as the Democrat party shoots up and props up the fast-failing “President,” Joe Biden. We can’t help but have some small degree of pity for the almost-80-year-old who should be dozing by a fire with little or no responsibility on his aging shoulders. Yes, his party is disgraceful for doing this to him, but most repugnant is his supposed wife. Rather than put her husband’s well-being at the top of her list of priorities, DOCTOR™!!! Jill Biden is strictly party über alles. She’ll do her part to keep the charade alive — traveling, speaking, attending the most elite events — all in the name of “preserving our democracy.”

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Now we have another would-be First Lady, this time of the state of Pennsylvania: Gisele Fetterman. I’m not going to rehash the sorry spectacle of her husband, Senate candidate and stroke victim John Fetterman, as he struggles to continue campaigning. It’s been amply covered by PJ Media’s own Matt Margolis. I am mostly wondering what kind of appalling woman would, first of all, completely disregard her husband’s health and well-being, while second, setting him up to be deeply humiliated on a massive public scale. Who wants that for someone they supposedly love?

Perhaps what’s most disturbing about these women, from Hillary to Jill to Gisele, is the way they play-act what they believe to be the model of a good wife while in reality are no such thing. To real women with real family values, they are soulless, cold-blooded users — certainly nothing to emulate.

But as long as they exist, pimping their husband-candidates as frontmen for the Globalist-Socialist collective who will actually wield the power, the show will go on. At this rate, we shouldn’t be surprised to see the Democrat Party run an outright Parsnip/Poblano ticket in 2024. Nor should we be surprised when half of Americans vote for it.



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