Is This the End of the Vaccine Mandate?

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Vaccine mandates have been super popular with leftist leaders in both the public and private sectors, despite being unscientific, of questionable constitutionality, and divisively unpopular with a significant portion of the population. Now, a new development out of the UK may be the final nail in the mandate coffin.

The authoritarian urge has always been strong with leftists. They are happiest when they get to tell other people what to do, even though they brazenly fail to follow their own rules. They personify the trenchant motto: rules for thee but not for me.

When the bat stew flu hit the scene, the left had a field day with it. In the wink of an eye, COVID-19 took its place alongside “Climate Change” and “Institutional Racism” as a key multi-purpose tool in the progressive toolbox of authority, and they immediately began to employ it to maximum effect.

President Trump’s amazing leadership with his “Operation Warp Speed” initiative unwittingly handed leftists a precision instrument with which to separate the disobedient from the right-thinking population: anyone who refused to follow ze orders and get the experimental shot was a threat who must be exiled. A population terrified by years of incessant propaganda willingly went along with the mandated new normal.

Well, not everyone … as of Tuesday, nearly 42% of Americans were still unjabbed. At this point in time, it’s safe to say that everyone who wanted to get the leaky COVID-19 vaccine has done so. So what’s up with everyone else?

Turns out, a lot of people have perfectly good reasons not to get the shot. People who have already recovered from a COVID-19 infection have no real scientific need to take the leaky vaccine. A steady supply of new studies consistently points out that naturally acquired immunity is stronger and longer lasting than that from the shot. Not only that, the vaccine’s potentially harmful side effects are often more pronounced in patients who have already recovered from an infection. Some people choose not to get vaccinated because they have a personal or family history of adverse vaccine reactions. Still others have no problem with the shot, but they strongly object to the mandate.

These considerations have been steadily gaining awareness and traction. Now, among growing political and judicial rebukes of leftist authoritarianism, England has just approved an anti-viral medication for at-home treatment of coronavirus infection. Reuters reports:

Nov 4 (Reuters) – Britain on Thursday became the first country in the world to approve a potentially game-changing COVID-19 antiviral pill jointly developed by U.S.-based Merck (MRK.N) and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, in a boost to the fight against the pandemic.

The new drug, molnupiravir, is initially being recommended only for patients with co-morbidities, such as obesity, heart disease, or advanced age-related diabetes. Patients who test positive for COVID-19 will be prescribed a twice-daily five-day course.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will meet this month to decide whether to approve molnupiravir in this country. If approved, the therapeutic is likely to follow a similar path as the vaccine: approval for high-risk patients only at first, followed by more generalized use and the availability of additional brand choices.

Meanwhile, pressure has been growing for the repeal of vaccine mandates.

Large numbers of crucially important workers have been pushed out of their jobs rather than submit to invasive medical proof checks or expensive testing. The resulting closures have been shocking to citizens who hadn’t given the issue much thought. Now, courts are beginning to vacate the needless, mindless mandates.

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In the health care industry—which is staffed by actual scientists and doctors—acceptance of naturally-acquired immunity as the equivalent of vaccination is a rapidly growing trend.

And as Tuesday’s elections revealed, the Party of Vaccine Mandates doesn’t exactly have a mandate.

Now, with the advent of a simple pill that patients can pop at home, the relegation of the dreaded bat virus to seasonal flu-level severity status seems inevitable. It’s nigh time for Big Left to take a breath, steel themselves, and drop the mandate hammer.


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