The Biden Regime Wants to 'Liberate' People From Caring for Their Children

Marcio Jose Sanchez

Democrats have long wanted the government to parent or co-parent your children, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that President Joe Biden said the quiet part out loud Monday night.


Is the administration upset that you might be spending too much time with your family?

The statement is also rather vague.

The “nearly 2 million” number, I assume, represents the 1.8 million-woman reduction in our labor force during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it’s untrue to claim this loss is only due to women leaving work to care for a family member. There are myriad reasons why the pandemic and government-induced shutdowns could have diminished the female workforce.

Many moved away from overpriced Democrat-run cities the last 20 months amid the constant anti-science alarmism about being near people. When one relocates, as I have six times since 2005, you often give up your job, and it obviously takes time to land a new one.

Maybe you moved to a cheaper place, and therefore don’t need a second income, especially if you sold your more expensive house. Maybe your husband now runs a small business out of the house, and so you support that business in a technically unpaid role. Biden clearly has never pondered such.


More importantly, why does the president say the women have all been “locked out of the labor force”? It’s condescending and likely political.

Women or men who decided to stay home to care for their children or parents may have decided, after the pandemic and lockdowns, that they’d rather be with family than colleagues.

Some parents who stopped working to care for their children — thanks to teachers’ unions forcing school closures, while their members all got paid — may prefer to be back at work; but the Biden administration never acknowledges the likelihood that many parents freely chose to stay at home.

And then there are policies to encourage the current situation.

It’s very likely that the so-called expanded child tax credit, championed by the most ardent Democrats, allowed hundreds of thousands of mothers and fathers to choose home life over work life. Is that good or bad?

Since everything is partisan politics for Democrats, the Biden administration cannot admit that some women who left the labor force chose — gasp — to be stay-at-home moms.

That’s because there is a pedantic, yet common belief on the political Left that mothers staying at home is some kind of deleterious blow to gender equality.

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Nearly one-third of mothers said in 2019 that their preference is “not working for pay at all.” As the Biden administration considers these selfless people a problem, one of their answers also is to subsidize day care centers. But most parents dislike this, with about two-thirds of parents wanting to provide their own child care — either through one parent staying home or both parents working flexible hours.


Bottom line: Joe Biden believes he is granting parents what they want by “liberating” them from child care; though in reality, they are simply giving parents what the Biden administration thinks is best.

And with a regime this indecisive and deferential, it doesn’t add up.



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