Peng Shuai Saga in China: Bravo to Women's Tennis, Unlike the NBA

Ju Peng/Xinhua via AP

Earlier this month, Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai posted a lengthy statement on social media that former People’s Republic Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli forced her to have sex with him about three years ago. She hasn’t been seen in public since.


“I was very scared that afternoon,” Peng wrote in describing the assault.

Now 35, Peng said she and the 75-year-old Zhang had a relationship nearly a decade earlier, but she hadn’t heard from him in years.

Peng’s allegations were quickly erased from the Chinese internet. Searches of her name and the word “tennis” were temporarily blocked by the Communist regime.

Currently, we have no idea whether Peng is alive. Either way, she’s been silenced by Beijing for alleging that she was victimized by a former high-ranking government official. It is certainly the highest-profile #MeToo accusation leveled against a CCP thug.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) took notice, with CEO Steve Simon asking for an investigation into Peng’s allegation.

“If at the end of the day, we don’t see the appropriate results from this, we would be prepared to take that step and not operate our business in China if that’s what it came to,” he told the New York Times. “We’re not going to back off this position. It’s the right place to be.”

It is the right move. Good for Simon.

Unlike feckless basketball players, tennis stars past and present also commented about the disappearance.

Add this appalling situation to the list of China’s nefarious deeds.


If it’s not releasing COVID-19 on the world to kill nearly 6 million people, engaging a systemic, genocidal effort to kill an ethnic groupstealing intellectual propertyinfiltrating our universities with rogue agents, or illegally trying to take over parts of the world, Beijing is now covering up alleged rapes.

Remind me why we still plan to allow China to benefit from hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics?

I long ago called for full boycott of this propagandistic global event because no one of good conscience should participate when it’s hosted by a totalitarian regime.

The Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins now agrees, saying America’s involvement in February’s games is morally untenable.

The Olympics probably should be renamed the “Genocide and State-Sanctioned Rape and Kidnapping Games.”

In a world where the pitiful NBA apologized for “deeply offending” its Chinese fans after an executive expressed simple support for Hong Kong’s brave protestors, the WTA’s willingness to stand up to the CCP — and risk losing one of the world’s most lucrative markets and hundreds of millions in revenue — is a pleasant surprise.

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LeBron James, the most cowardly and repugnant athlete of our generation, not only won’t speak up on behalf of democracy protesters, but he also finds it morally wrong to speak out about real oppression. His basketball league prioritizes its supposed business relationships in China over slave labor, while hypocritical players only worry about “police brutality” in this country.

James should always be taken to task for being an illiterate hypocrite.

“Standing up to Chairman Xi’s lies isn’t easy, but the Women’s Tennis Association has shown more backbone than most American Fortune 500 companies,” Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) told The Dispatch. “Chairman Xi fears the truth and the truth is exactly what Americans and the entire freedom loving world needs to hammer home.”

No word from Coke, Google, NBC, Nike, Samsung, Toyota, Visa, and the rest of China’s enablers on the latest atrocities.


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