Kamala's Controversial, Embarrassing Birthday

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

It was quite a birthday for Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Associated Press, for some reason, felt the need to honor Harris on her 57th birthday with an array of celebratory photos. I do not recall similar efforts for Mike Pence when he served in the same office.


Walter Shaub, the former government ethics director under President Barack Obama, criticized a federal agency for wishing Harris a happy birthday over social media.


Shaub claimed it to be an “odd use of federal resources” and a bad example for a government agency to send such a salutary message to a sitting vice president.



Later on, Harris used the day to bash America for not “evolving,” simply because the country doesn’t believe a new left-wing “voting rights act” is necessary in 2021, especially when record turnout was reached last year across all demographics.


On the voting topic, the inept vice president is being called out for possibly violating laws by directly telling churchgoers to vote for the Democrat candidate in Virginia’s upcoming gubernatorial election.

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Also on Wednesday, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley eviscerated Harris over her latest push to force federal workers into unions, telling Fox News the “‘union drive’ is nothing more than a power grab that will crush worker freedom and empower labor bosses.”

To close out the evening, the cackling, inauthentic Harris shouted “Surprise!” at her own birthday party.



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