'Get Out of Texas': Protesters Blast Al Sharpton During Border Visit

Photo by Donald Traill/Invision/AP

As Biden administration officials allow the southern border crisis to deteriorate, their old friend, Rev. Al Sharpton, toured the makeshift Haitian migrant camp under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

Before departing, Sharpton sought an impromptu press conference, likely to spew some racial invective and divide Americans even more.

His remarks were abbreviated as protesters shouted him down.


The crowd of local residents yelled “you’re a liar,” “go home,” “get out of Texas,” and “our Border Patrol are heroes.”

“Why are you stoking racism where it doesn’t exist? Nobody wants to hear your racist nonsense in Del Rio!” one man said.

Attendees eventually crowded the huckster’s entourage, exchanging words, before a visibly angered Sharpton left the location.

Sharpton’s failure to communicate his racial grievances comes as taxpayer-funded “journalists” like Yamiche Alcindor continue to lie about the Border Patrol and radicals like California Rep. Maxine Waters offensively compare international security measures to slavery.


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