Hollywood Celebrities Promote Dangerous Conspiracy Theories in New Documentary

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Spike Lee is being irresponsible and immoral again.

The disingenuous director pushes conspiracy theories in his 20th-anniversary documentary series called “NYC Epicenters 9/11-2021½.”

After creating a 30-minute segment around disproven theories that the World Trade Center was intentionally blown up, the diminutive agitator told the New York Times, “The amount of heat that it takes to make steel melt, that temperature’s not reached… And then the juxtaposition of the way Building 7 fell to the ground — when you put it next to other building collapses that were demolitions, it’s like you’re looking at the same thing.’’

Even HBO’s progressives refused to include this lunacy, cutting out the material “after critics said it provided a platform for discredited theories purporting that the towers had been secretly blown up.”

The conspiracy theory Lee was pushing comes from “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,” a fringe group that crazed leftist Rosie O’Donnell continues to promote. The washed-up actress recently held a virtual screening of a film connected to the appalling 9/11 Truth movement. She audaciously pushed the conspiracies late last week, as the nation prepared for remembrance ceremonies.

In the past, the 59-year-old ranted, “I do believe that it’s the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel. I do believe that it defies physics that World Trade Center Tower 7 — Building 7, which collapsed in on itself — it is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved.”

Lee and O’Donnell are both native New Yorkers.

Even the mainstream media took issue with Lee, a longtime charlatan. NBC’s cultural critic cited Lee’s subpar journalistic standards, writing Sunday:

In some cases, though, Lee might have been better served by a more adversarial approach. Lee treats his interviewees as friends, and once you’re his friend, you can do no wrong. In the third episode, Lee asks former flight attendant Curtis Beatty about Flight 93, the fourth plane that was hijacked on 9/11. Beatty embraces that debunked version of events…Lee, as usual, does not press him, and no one is brought on to dispute his claim. Which means anyone foolish enough to watch the documentary is going to come away with the impression that the conspiracy theory is at least believable.

Left-wing Slate was harsher, saying Lee offered conspiracy theories “the biggest and most mainstream platform they’ve ever had, pointing their viewers directly toward a bog of heinously dangerous ideas.”

Raised comfortably middle class, Lee has made a fortune pushing divisive lies and capitalizing on tragedy for nearly four decades. He abhors and mocks any black person who doesn’t toe his Democrat-voting line and incites violence during tense times.

His 2006 documentary, “When the Levees Broke,” also accuses the U.S. government of intentionally dynamiting the levees “to displace all the Black people out of New Orleans” in order to save “rich white neighborhoods” from flooding. Despite hurricanes, violence, and abortions, New Orleans is around 60 percent black today, as it was 20 years ago.

Even nearing age 65, Sheldon Lee remains a petulant, prevaricating bigot.


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