‘I Do Not Recognize This Man’: Meghan McCain Rips Biden Over Afghanistan Debacle

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), and former co-host of The View, has long been family friends with the Bidens.

A Washington colleague of her father’s for more than three decades, President Joe Biden spoke at McCain’s 2018 funeral, and the senator’s widow, Cindy, endorsed Biden for president. But like her father, Meghan McCain has long been a patriot and supporter of military involvement. Tuesday’s defiant and convoluted speech by the president pushed her over the edge, causing her to harshly tweet:


McCain’s tweet had nearly 60,000 likes as of Wednesday morning.

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Shortly after, McCain added, “Do people in this administration truly believe this is a return to normalcy? … Americans and our country and most importantly our military will not be able to withstand four years of this.”

Earlier Tuesday, regarding the deaths of 13 American service members in Kabul and the shambolic evacuation from Afghanistan, McCain tweeted in part: “Disappointed and disgusted President Biden says ‘this couldn’t have been done in a more orderly manner.'”


Though she’s a critic of former President Donald Trump, her husband, Federalist publisher Ben Domenech, explained earlier this year that his wife did not vote for Biden last fall.



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