Today's Politicians Don't Care About Their Constituents — They Never Did

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Politicians are truly a disappointment. Perhaps not all are bad but a majority of them are quite rotten. Politicians are really just a modern-day mafia — they’ve been so for a while.

When was the last time America was strong and booming? Well, one could say under Trump. But before Trump, when was the last time our country was thriving? Let’s see; although I wasn’t alive yet, one could say our country was great under Ronald Reagan.

So, what’s the time frame between Trump and Reagan? Since the beginning of Reagan’s presidency and the ending of Trump’s first term, a total of 42 years have gone by, of which 12 were good ones for our country — approximately 29% of the time. Think about that. The rest of the politicians did nothing for our country — nothing.

Under Trump, we had low inflation, energy independence, no foreign wars, the creation of a new military branch called Space Force, a booming economy, and society wasn’t as corrupt as it is today, amongst many other accomplishments.

Under Reagan, inflation went down, Iran sent back American hostages, the Cold War eventually came to a close, and America was unrivaled for the first time since perhaps the end of World War II.

It’s insulting to see politicians do nothing for us because we, the American people, elect them to represent us in our government. But upon entering office, they suddenly behave superciliously and ignore our wishes.

Consider President Joe Biden — a man who has done absolutely nothing to help the American people but has done absolutely everything to hinder the success of every American, including those who voted for him. No one has done better financially, educationally, or morally under Biden’s presidency.

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Even as I write, Maui is being devastated by wildfires. So far, 55 people have been confirmed dead as a result, and, despite this, neither Biden nor Vice President Harris has expressed an interest in traveling to the island. Unbelievable.

Do you think Biden and the “elites” care? Of course not. Right now they’re too busy going after their political opponent, former President Donald Trump, instead of addressing the basic necessities of the American people like lowering inflation, curtailing the rise in gas prices, stopping a war between Russia and Ukraine, allowing parents to make decisions for their own kids in school, etc.

It’s truly a disappointment to see such people — elected by us — not care about their constituents, the very people that provided them with the power they now obsess over. With that being said, it’s very true that “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”




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