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Toto: One Conservative in Hollywood

Christian Toto, one of the very few knowledgeable conservatives covering the culture, gives a summary of my recent speech to the Colorado Leadership Program at his Hollywood in Toto website:

Author Andrew Klavan says being a conservative in Hollywood is bad for his bottom line.

The screenwriter behind “A Shock to the System” and “One Missed Call” shared that message Feb. 11 at the Leadership Program of the Rockies annual retreat in Colorado Springs. The award-winning novelist told the packed crowd what it’s like to pitch screenplays in today’s film climate. Turns out it’s not just about talent or ambition. If you don’t line up behind the Democrats’ platform you’ll have a harder time getting gigs.

The Daily Wire podcast host recalled moving to Hollywood in the 2000s just as his screenwriting career caught fire. His novels “True Crime” and “Don’t Say a Word” had drawn interested from film studios, and ghost stories were suddenly in vogue. It’s a genre he knows intimately. Why not go Hollywood?

“I’m middle aged. This is the time for me to work in Hollywood if I’m ever gonna do it,” he says of his mind set. That meant either pitching your screenplay ideas to studio representatives or showing how you can best bring their ideas to the big screen.

That’s where the trouble began for the celebrated writer.

“You go into these rooms and you start by having a pleasant conversation,” he says. At the time the War on Terror was just heating up. “This is how every conversation started: ‘Is George W. Bush a monster or what?” Not every one. Just 50 to 75 percent of the time,” he says. The rock ribbed conservative tried to be polite, but “my temperament makes me incapable of being quiet,” he says.

Read the whole thing here.

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