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More High Praise for "Werewolf Cop"


My friend Mark Tapson has written a very kind review of my new thriller Werewolf Cop over at FrontPage Mag:

[Klavan] writes page-turners of unusually high literary quality, bursting with grand themes and big ideas but centered on sympathetic characters. He will carry you into dark depths but with a surprisingly comic touch, and the ride is always gripping and entertaining. And that has never been truer than with his latest book, Werewolf Cop.

Don’t make the mistake of passing on this book because you’re not into novels with an element of horror and the supernatural. Give it a chance – the mystery, the harrowing action, the fully-drawn characters, the sexual and spiritual tension, and the skillful prose will draw you in.


Read the whole thing here. Then buy the book here. Really.

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