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Fascist Union Thugs Attack Crowder

Watch this. In Michigan, where they just passed a right to work law, comedian and commentator Steven Crowder tries to find out what exactly is wrong with free people having the choice whether to join a union or not. The union members explain it to him like this:  “The problem is we are fascist bullying lowlifes who will use violence to get what we want when logic and argument fail.” Okay, they don’t say that in so many words — but then I’m not sure these goons know that many words. But they sure enough make it clear. And by the way, if you’re wondering why Crowder doesn’t do what he’s fully capable of doing and lay one of these Nazis out, it’s because they would have mobbed him and killed him. Because that’s just the kind of dokes these union fellows are.

You can wish Steven well at @scrowder.