9 Violin Masters on YouTube

For every Justin Bieber (shudder) “discovered” on Youtube, there are others who are so good at their music, it would be impossible to ignore them unless you’re tone-deaf. Lindsey Stirling is one such and deserves recognition and all of accolades you can name. Dubstep violin?  You go girl!


1. Lindsey Stirling – “Crystallize”

Well, Jean-Luc Ponty. That’s almost an explanation unto itself.  Airy, mystical, just…Ponty.

2. Jean-Luc Ponty – “Cosmic Messenger”


And so now we know where Steppenwolf got the inspiration for “Corrina Corrina…”

3. Cliff Bruner – “Corrine Corrina”


Grapelli is, of course, best known for his many years associated with Django Reinhardt.

4. Stephane Grapelli – “Blue Moon”


Damn, right out of da ‘hood. These guys are good. It’s not all Hip-Hop and Rap.

5. Black Violin – “A Flat”

Of course, we all remember him from his long association with the Jefferson Airplane.

6. Papa John Creach – “String Jet Rock”


Guess the Devil should find another hobby–he got owned.

7. Charlie Daniels – “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”


We remember him also as the Violinist for The Mahavishnu Orchestra.

8. Jerry Goodman – “Brick Chicken”


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