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Obama Charms Pants Off Israeli Leaders


Well, the old Barack magic obviously seems to work even in this tough, skeptical country. I’ll be doing a full-length piece on Pajamas later, but so far, Barack Obama’s 24-hour stop in Israel has been a virtual lovefest, with “chemistry” between the candidate and Defense Minister Ehud Barak in their breakfast meeting – a minister who was there joked on the radio that they “didn’t just hit it off because of the similarity in their names” – ha, ha…

And over at the President’s residence, he asked Shimon Peres to reveal the secret to looking fabulous at 85.

Meanwhile, a fearful bulldozer driver was on the air, begging people not to be trigger happy every time a construction vehicle makes a wrong turn. Construction workers are freaking out after the two recent terror attacks — believing that bad road behavior will be misinterpreted and their mistakes will be deadly. I’d be worried, too.