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Violence Spreads to Odessa

May 2nd, 2014 - 4:32 pm


Not good:

A clash Friday between supporters of Ukrainian unity and Russian-backed separatists in the Black Sea port of Odessa left 42 people dead and scores injured, police said.

Thirty of the victims died of smoke inhalation after a fire was set in the central trade union building, where pro-Russia separatists reportedly had taken up sniper positions to fire on pro-unity demonstrators, police said.

Eight others died after leaping from upper-floor windows of the burning building, authorities said.

The deadly fire followed a fierce battle between rival groups of marchers in the historic port that straddles Ukraine’s volatile ethnic fault line. Odessa is a predominantly Russian-speaking city that is geographically and culturally closer to the pro-Europe western areas of Ukraine.

Hate to say it, but the “Galicia Option” is looking less likely and (even as awful as it is) more desirable.

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I'm not convinced that there are very many "pro-Russian Ukrainians" - I'd guess that many or most of these are Spetznaz in a false-flag operation. That's why they are, as all jackbooted thugs do, hiding their faces.
43 weeks ago
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I think the idea behind the Galacia option (let the Russian speakers leave) is a good idea, but force-finlandizing the ones who started the protests in the first place is giving Putin more than he'd want (though I'm sure if the west offers Kiev on a silver platter to Putin he'd take it).

The reason Austria Hungary acquired Galacia-Lodomeria was due to the various partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (as you noted). The PLC was one of the freest nations in Europe, and indeed the world at the time (until the USA gained independence, you could arguably call it THE freest and most tolerant nation on the planet).

If Austria's acquisitions under the various partitions of PLC can be salvaged, why not Russia's? Kiev used to have a substaintial Polish population until after the Polish-Soviet war in 1919, and was influenced by PLC for about 300 years (400 for territories just to the west which were given to Russia under the 2nd Partition of Poland later).

The parts that Putin is destabilising are those which were only joined to Ukraine by the Soviets. Eastern Ukraine was part of the Duchy of Moscow, while southern Ukraine was a part of the Crimean Khanate, and once conquered became a settler colony for Russians. These parts would obviously want to join with Russia anyway.

Long story short, if those parts wish to secede, let Putin take the Russian speaking parts with the higher crime rates (relative to western Ukraine), and allow the rest of Ukraine (the west and central parts) to join the EU.

Ukraine will be smaller, but will be much more politically stable for it. And Putin will have lost half of Ukraine, not gained half of it.
43 weeks ago
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An estimated 4,000 Americans a year are murdered by third world invaders aided and abetted and rewarded by the U.S. federal government, but OMG! look at 42 in Ukraine!!!
43 weeks ago
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