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May 14, 2013 - 8:21 am

As of Monday, there are *four major scandals dogging the Obama administration. More than one of them have the potential to bring major officials down and dominate the news for the foreseeable future. The stories are all moving so fast that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Health and Human Services soliciting funds from the health care industry for the implementation of ObamaCare. This one is “raising eyebrows,” says MarketWatch.

The Times said Sebelius obtained $10 million from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and $500,000 from H&R Block for the effort. HHS officials said that Sebelius’s efforts would continue, after first denying they were soliciting funds for the effort. But a spokesman for Sebelius said a section of the Public Health Service Act allows her to encourage others to support those working to help carry out public health activities.

Sebelius reportedly has sought donations for Enroll America, a private non-profit group that is working to get the uninsured covered under the 2010 health-care law.

“Nice company ya go there…” This activity is illegal, and marks the second known time that Sebelius has broken the law while atop HHS. The first was when she used official time to campaign for Obama’s re-election, then reimbursed the agency after the fact to paper things over. Does Sebelius get a third strike?

2. Benghazi. Four Americans died in a terrorist attack conducted by Libya’s al Qaeda branch, Ansar al-Sharia, on September 11, 2012. President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Ambassador Susan Rice all blamed the attack on a spontaneous demonstration against an obscure YouTube movie, and downplayed al Qaeda’s role. Just a few days prior to the attack , the Democratic National Convention pushed a theme that al Qaeda had been put on the run with the killing of Osama bin Laden. Talking points drafted after the attack were edited 12 times, consistently to remove references to terrorism and al Qaeda specifically. The YouTube movie never appears in the talking points, but it became the message of Clinton, Rice, and Obama through his UN speech on September 26, 2012.

Security had been deteriorating in Benghazi for months leading up to the attack. A warning published in Egypt on 9-10 proved that the attacks were not about a movie at all. Information from the field during the attack proved that it was a coordinated terrorist attack. Someone ordered U.S. special forces in Tripoli who were readying to respond to the attack to stand down. The administration continues to claim that it did not have time to marshal U.S. forces to help, but they had no idea how long the attack would last. Libya deputy chief Greg Hicks, who assumed command upon the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, testified that he believed that the attack had turned into a hostage rescue situation when Stevens went missing. The U.S. Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) is designed to go from “zero to wheels up” very quickly and should have been deployed, according to Mark Thompson, acting deputy assistant secretary of state for operations — counterterrorism bureau. The Accountability Review Board appointed by Clinton to investigate Benghazi never interviewed Clinton or Thompson, and did not have stenographers present when witnesses were interviewed. Hicks and Thompson claim that State officials engaged in intimidation to silence them. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has spent most of the Benghazi scandal running interference for the Obama administration, but after last week’s dramatic whistleblowers’ hearing is calling for more public testimony from more witnesses. More whistleblowers are reportedly considering coming forward.

3. The Department of Justice secretly obtained the phone records of 20 lines at or connected to the Associated Press. Media are fuming today over the “massive and unprecedented” grab of AP phone records.

The AP reported that the Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors dated April and May 2012, including incoming and outgoing calls, and the duration of each call, for the work and personal phone numbers of individual reporters, general AP office numbers in New York, Washington and Hartford, Conn., and the main number for AP reporters in the House of Representatives press gallery.

The sweep was evidently in response to a leak about a terrorist attack, a second jihadist underwear bombing attempt. Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to explain his agency’s actions today. Some are already calling for his resignation or firing. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey appeared on Fox News Channel today and questioned the wide sweep of reporters’ communications, including their personal cell phones. The AP says that it was not told anything about the sweep in advance, and that it still has not been explained to them.

4. The IRS targeted conservative Tea Party groups, and Jewish groups favorable toward Israel. For about two years and through the 2012 election, the Internal Revenue Service deliberately targeted conservative, Tea Party, and anti-Obama groups, and groups with “patriot” and “constitution” in their name. The IRS demanded deep personal information of everyone involved with these groups, and was evidently building a database on them. IRS official Lois Lerner apologized for the targeting last week, and claimed that the targeting only happened in the Cincinnati office. Since then, Americans have learned that officials in Washington knew about it a year ago, and were involved. The IRS also leaked information from the groups to liberal ProPublica, according to ProPublica. President Obama claims only to have learned about it on Friday, and in the media. But Congress has asked questions off and on about it for a couple of years now. The New York Times praised the IRS for targeting conservatives in May 2012. The targeting has had a chilling effect since 2009, when Obama joked about unleashing the IRS on enemies. This scandal gets a hearing on Friday. The fact that the IRS is empowered to deal with Americans’ health care choices thanks to ObamaCare adds an additional chilling layer to this story.

Update: IRS may have targeted pro-life groups too. And there may be a new scandal brewing at the Environmental Protection Agency.

*Fast and Furious and the Pigford scandal are still lurking out there, but neither is in the headlines at the moment. Obama may have killed off Fast and Furious when he invoked executive privilege to seal off the White House’s communications with DOJ on the subject.

More: And Then There Were Five Obama Scandals…?

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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Bring him down? No way. When Republicans get into scandals the talking heads go into relentless pile-on mode. When it's democrats- not so much. Look at the Kennedy's- scandal after scandal after scandal. Jesse Jackson Jr got reelected with 60 something percent of the vote while in a loony bin hiding from corruption charges.

Contrast with (say) the Valerie Plame "scandal." The press just repeated Valerie Plame, Valerie Plame, Valerie Plame until half the country or more just accepted that something horrible had been done. It was infuriating.

Double standard doesn't even describe it and it's getting more and more blatant as time goes on. The New York Times wrote an entire article about John Corzine blowing up his hedge fund without even ever mentioning his party affiliation. Not once. I think every reader here could come up with 20 more examples just right now on the spot. I hate the mainstream media so much.
1 year ago
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Folks, COMMUNISM 101!!!Period!
Obama cleverly did the Menshevik (minority) segmenting America's "support groups" into viable voting "blocs!" He successfully united Mayor Daly Chicago-style thuggery with Communism 101...proof is before ALL OF AMERICA TO SEE!
MSM (AP, anyone?LGBT'ers piously think they, too, have a chance! HAH!)) was one of them (this is 3rd Reich 101). True to Communist 101's playbook, these support groups serve a purpose, and one purpose only...make the "majority party" (Bolsheviks)look the "part" and get ushered (voted)into power.
Once into power (Bolsheviks), rewritten "Rule of Law" soon takes place, solidifying (majority party's) hold on power.
Bolsheviks will trample out any historical semblance of "Law and Order," Holder has quickly replaced with edicts, Executive Orders, rules and regulations (Obamacare)the likes of which any nation's populace is too stunned to digest (enabled by Axelrod, Jarrett, Sustein) ...simply overwhelms:1)religion, 2)education, 3)financial systems, 4) and all of government (Detroit is going by way of the Do-Do).
Here's a snippet, as a reminder: DAMN WAKE -UP AMERICA!
The Mensheviks (Russian: меньшевик) were a faction of the Russian revolutionary movement that emerged in 1904 after a dispute between Vladimir Lenin and Julius Martov, both members of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party. The dispute originated at the Second Congress of that party, ostensibly over minor issues of party organization. Martov's supporters, who were in the minority in a crucial vote on the question of party membership, came to be called "Mensheviks", derived from the Russian word меньшинство (men'shinstvo, "minority"), whereas Lenin's adherents were known as "Bolsheviks", from bol'shinstvo ("majority"). Guess who solidified their power, going on to create the failed nation known as:"The Soviet Union!"
Communist Obama has studied the Bolshevik revolution and America's Constitution. Benghazi, IRS, "political voter segmentation," 2010 Census, crony-capitalism, Green Energy, redistribution of incomes, Keynesian economics et al, are all one and the same...Bolshevik politics. Learn ones history...please! American Exceptionalism will always trump communism/ socialism. Long live unfettered capitalism!! Hurrrah!Pray. Amen.The Mensheviks got thrown under the bus (AP anybody? All of MSM, too)
1 year ago
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A scandal is only something that gets reported, it's a symptom, not the disease.

A diseased soul at the heart of those who mean to govern us, gives us Fast and Furious, turning off the credit card security system so that foreign and other illegal donations can seep into ou elections.

A DOJ that believes in race inequality.

ACORN/SEIU committing wholesale acts of vote fraud, intimidation and corruption.

Planned Parenthood fronting for murder for hire clinics that keep newborn hands and feet as souvenirs.

A global warming hoax that was a scheme to steal our money and send it flitting around the world behind our backs, when there is proof that there has been no global warming in fifteen years.

A JournOlist that conspires in secret to keep material information from the public, a newspaper that holds evidence hostage and a steadfast refusal to investigate a single item of corruption, graft and treason.

An assault on the Constitution from every conceivable angle...aimed directly at Christians, Catholics and Jews...followers of the Bible and anyone who s likely to oppose a hard leftist worldview.

Preferences given in federal bankruptcy cases to the Workers Party.

An assault on our borders so replete with tinges of overthrow...that we threatened to sue our own states for protecting themselves and then threatened to turn them over to the UN.

A UN ambassador who openly lied to the American people about a terrorist attack...and a President who then went to the UN to reinforce that lie.

There is no "scandal" when it is whitewashed, covered up and suppressed from view. But, there is the disease still spreading...and America is in a state of sepsis from it.

1 year ago
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All Comments   (35)
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Democrats can get away with murder but Republicans cant get out of line at all. Look at Benghazi. Does not seem to affect Obama at all. Now its a secret not known to many but Benghazi is not the only embassy scandal under the Obama administration. Look at the following which happened under Obama's watch none of which were investigated

On January 22, 2002, Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami gunmen attacked the US consulate at Kolkata, killing five people.
On June 14, 2002, an Al-Qaeda truck bomb detonated outside the US consulate at Karachi, killing 12.
On October 12, 2002, the US consular office at Denpasar (Indonesia) was bombed by Jemaah Islamiyah as part of the Bali bombings.
In 2002 again, nine people were killed by bomb blast near US embassy in Lima (Peru).
On February 28, 2003, unknown gunmen attacked US embassy at Islamabad, killing two people.
On June 30, 2004, a suicide bomber hailing from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan attacked US embassy at Tashkent, killing two people
On December 6, 2004, Al-Qaeda gunmen raided the diplomatic compound at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), killing nine Americans.
On March 2, 2006, two people were killed when a car bomb exploded outside the US consulate in Karachi.
On September 12, 2006, gunmen raided the US embassy at Damascus (Syria), killing four people.
On January 12, 2007, a Greek revolutionary group fired an RPG at the US embassy at Greece. No damage done.
On March 18, 2008, a mortar attack at the US Embassy at Sana’a (Yemen) killed two people.
On July 9, 2008, an armed attack at the US consulate at Istanbul killed six people.
On September 17, 2008, 16 people were killed when the US embassy at Sana’a (Yemen) was attacked.
1 year ago
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YES!it does seem like Democrats can get away with murder itself,but if a Republican gets slightly out of a normal life,then they've got to step down immediately.Wish somebody would tell me why liberals can do this?Were suppose to be perfect&they can do all iknds of illegal things.Liz
1 year ago
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This IS the scandal that would bring him and many, many others down. This fact alone is why absolutely no one will touch this. Both parties are steadfastly protecting Obama to protect their investment in the corrupt political status quo. Exposing Obama will shake the entire corrupt political system to its core and create a window of opportunity for the American people to take back control of their government. They all have too much to lose.
1 year ago
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There is nothing here that could bring down the Administration. Not even close. Only a clear demonstration of serious criminality by the President personally could possibly do that, and even then maybe not (remember the Clinton impeachment?). #1 is minor and only puts Sebelius at minor risk, #2 might show the President to have made a bad decision, but is not criminal, #3 is not a scandal and the DOJ should go after the press more than they do over national security violations, #4 is very serious, but as long as the President did not personally order IRS or Treasury officials to do it, he is at no risk, and #5 is not a scandal because it is perfectly legal for the President to sicc agencies like the EPA, the DOL, the SEC, etc on political opponents. It is only illegal to use the IRS for political purposes, not other regulatory and enforcement agencies.
1 year ago
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Bring down the Obama Administration? In a pig's eye.

WHAT IS the Obama Administration but a plethora of lies and lawlessness? Beginning with that first big lie propagated in 2008 by the Democratic Party DNC Chair Nancy Pelosi with second from Hillary Clinton. Stalwarts of the illiberal "compassionate liberals"/progressives of the Party .

Who "certified" that BH Obama is "qualified for nomination for President". Which on second draft omitted the original wording of "legally" qualified.

Since whose election as POTUS reservation, question, or investigation
of that oddly omitted qualifier is instantly quashed by the Obama enablers and troops. And continue to be dismissed despite evidence in the public domain that Obama is not what he appears to be. And that his respect for and compliance with the laws of the USA is questionable at best.

Dismissed unworthy of response. No more than actions of disgruntled losers, right-wing fruitcakes, simple know-nothing lunatics.

They steer clear of accusations of strict constitutional constructionism . Too dangerous, too suggestive, too close to the mark? about their positions as Obama enablers?

1 year ago
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Make no mistake. We don't want the people responsible for these abuses of power to resign. We don't want them fired. We want them arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned or executed for their crimes against liberty and the people of the people of the United States.
1 year ago
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Why did the author fail to include the Fast and Furious scandal?
1 year ago
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Behold... the fruits of a godless, secular government that exalts itself.
1 year ago
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blah-blah might resign, in order to "fix the problem" . as we all know that wouldn't fix anything . we need to get the bought and paid for politics out of government.
1 year ago
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Remember when Cokie Roberts said that Clinton was toast? (I guess you have to be old enough to remember the 90's.) They, including Cokie, got over it and rallied to the Clinton flag. The Media is in a temporary swoon to be sure. It won't last long. within two weeks
1 year ago
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