I just finished Lisa De Pasquale's memoir and I am blown away by her courage and talent. A must-read that says so much about the problems in American religious, political, and popular culture. More blogging coming soon on it now that I'm finished... #god #relationships

Beginning a series on Lisa De Pasquale's memoir, hinting at some of the tough truths she has hidden inside it... #religion #relationships #menandwomen #god #Conservatism #Righteousness #Breitbart

Do not be fooled by the innocent cover and former Conservative Political Action Coordinator (CPAC) coordinator Lisa De Pasquale’s friendly public persona. Her debut book is actually a time bomb waiting to explode. Hidden within an accessible, page-turner narrative running through the ups and downs of her Washington D.C. dating life are actually some eye-popping revelations and very substantive critiques of a culture in crisis.

Parts of Finding Mr. Righteous reminded me of the Anthony Weiner scandals — older ideological leader uses position of authority, admiration of younger women, and his cell phone to fulfill his teenage boy-level sexual urges. But this is the Right side of the aisle where politics and faith mingle more freely and stories like this one in the Daily Mail this week also came to mind as a parallel:  Florida megachurch pastor resigns over accusations. Time and again the charismatic, powerful men preach purity from the pulpit while satisfying their inner pagan in private.

Here’s a passage from page 159 in which “Ryan the Preacher” pulls a Carlos Danger move on Lisa, soliciting her for phone sex:

One of the more eye-popping passages from Lisa De Pasquale's memoir #FindingMrRighteous. A Christian preacher who publicly praises modesty in women in private seeks dominating phone sex fantasies with vulnerable women who look up to him as a moral leader. Page 159. Controversial stuff coming...

“I also want to give you some orders”?