NY Hatchet Attacker, Zale Thompson, Had Islamic Facebook Page

The man who attacked four police officers in Queens, New York yesterday, Zale H. Thompson, had a Facebook page featuring Islamic imagery.

As reported by Agence France Press, Thompson’s Muslim connections are starting to emerge, indicating that the hatchet attack was either a case of “lone wolf Islamic terrorism” (most likely), or part of a coordinated terror campaign (although there is no evidence yet that he had any connection to any specific group).


Because none of the reports have yet posted the actual images from his Facebook page, I’m posting screenshots of it here, to preserve the evidence, in case it later gets taken down.

Here is his Facebook page, which as of this writing is still online:

Zale Thompson, Queens, New York.

Below are the screenshots, which speak for themselves.

The top banner features Islamic calligraphy and a warrior dressed in Arabic garb:

One of his only Facebook uploaded photos shows the Islamic calligraphy in greater detail, which presumably is of a religious nature — according to CNN, “A Quran quote in classic Arabic calligraphy mentioning judgment against those who have wandered astray serves as the page’s banner”:

Many of his Facebook “friends” had Muslim names (this is just a small sample):

The only other photo on his page showed what looked like Middle Eastern architectural designs:

Furthermore, as the AFP aricle linked above reports,

SITE, which monitors radical Muslim groups, said that in a comment Thompson had posted to a pro-Islamic State video on September 13, 2014, he described “jihad as a justifiable response to the oppression of the ‘Zionists and the Crusaders.'”


The New York Post reports that, in a private Facebook post, he wrote,

They will not be able to defeat our people if we use guerilla warfare. Attack their weak flanks.

The only conclusion to draw is that this hatchet attack was an act of terrorism inspired by fundamentalist Islamic ideology.



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