March of the Idiots at OccupyLA May Day

I don't employ the term "idiot" lightly; but really, there's no more accurate term to characterize the sheer nitwittedness on display at last week's May Day march spearheaded by OccupyLA.

As documented by indefatigable photojournalist Ringo in his "Occupy May Day / General Strike - Los Angeles" report, the idiocy manifested in at least four distinct ways:

• Thought disorders

• General ignorance or stupidity

• Foolishness, or the absence of wisdom and insight

• Narcissism

Let's look at each type of idiocy separately, in the following brief selection of images from Ringo's massive photo essay. (Ringo posted hundreds of pictures so that, as he puts it, he "can’t be accused of 'cherry picking' the worst images." What you see in this PJM excerpt is just a small appetizer from OccupyLA's overwhelming all-you-can-stomach idiocy buffet; click the link above to see the rest. All images here were taken by Ringo.)

Thought Disorders

It's one thing to squat in your darkened basement scribbling word salad messages to the demons in your head. It's quite another to carefully craft an oversized protest sign intended for public display at the next Occupy protest. But many of the Occupiers could not seem to keep the two behaviors distinct, and the result can only be seen as evidence for major thought disorders among some of the protesters. Occupy Wall Street: serious protest movement, or manifestation of brain malfunction?


Just as in Oakland, the latest fad among teenage anarchists is to fashion riot shields out of plastic garbage cans.

But unlike in Oakland, where they figured out that it's best to hold the shield upside-down, some of the LA Occupiers held what looked like full-size garbage cans right side up, so that they appeared to the casual observer to be Vaudeville slapstick comedians standing in trash cans for the audience's amusement. Or, more succinctly: FAIL.

One thing about those nasty olicarks: They know how to spell.

Because everyone admires the environmental records of Soviet Russia and Communist China, protectors of the Earth!


This category is reserved for Occupiers who, through foolishness or "absence of wisdom and insight," ascribe to political ideologies which have already been thoroughly discredited or debunked. Chief among these is...

...Communism, which seemed to predominate at L.A.'s May Day rally, with communist and socialist groups turning out en masse for the march. My only question at this point is: Where do these people come from?

Second-most popular foolish ideology of the day: Anarchism. Which in many ways is the polar opposite of communism, and equally unfeasible as an actual organizing principle for society -- but none of that seemed to matter to the swarms of ignorant youths burning off their hormones by running up and down the street trying to look like rebels. Sad, really.

And then there are those, such as this young lass, whose foolishness has no label, other than perhaps "shameless avarice." How did we reach a point in history when people could proudly hold up signs saying, essentially, "Give Me Your Money"? The other side of her sign reveals all:

So I guess capitalism is, according to her, a system in which people get to keep their own assets, something which in her foolish universe is entirely unacceptable. Noted.