Tea Party Rallies for Romney in San Francisco

If you thought that big political rally in San Francisco on Saturday must have have been a "Romney for President" event, then you are forgiven — because it sure looked that way.

But it actually was Tea Partiers from around the Bay Area who gathered on the Embarcadero for the biggest Tea Party of the 2012 election season so far. (That's right — they're ba-a-a-a-a-ack, demanding fiscal responsibility and smaller government, and not letting the mainstream media's lies silence the debate.)

And although early in the campaign Mitt Romney was not at first the Tea Party favorite, they're now rallying to his side, if Saturday's event was any indication.

"Hear us shout! Vote Obama out!" was the rallying cry of the day. And that meant only one thing: Vote Romney like your life depended on it. The event's official motto was "NObama 2012," and after a bruising primary season, there's only one NObama left to vote for: Romney.

True, there was a small contingent of Ron Paulians at the San Francisco rally, but they were overwhelmed by the nearly universal Romney support. I have no doubt that among the true hardcore conservatives in the crowd, that support was more pragmatic than ideological; but contrasted against free-spending big-government Obama, even a moderate conservative like Romney seems like a messiah by comparison. And just about everyone at the rally realized that.

Photo courtesy of Larry in SF

Romneysiacs plied the crowd with Romney stickers — and almost everyone took them up on the offer. By the end of the day, the place looked like a Romney rally.

The Tea Party is good at math, and there's one very simple equation they've solved:

- America will go bankrupt unless spending is reined in and the size of government is reduced;

- Obama is charting the exact opposite financial course from what needs to happen;

- Romney is going to be the Republican nominee for president, whether or not he was everybody's first choice;

QED, we must support Romney if we want to save the country.

Meghan McCain staffed the Romney table. (No, not really, but she sure was a lookalike.) The guy on the right was saying, "Romney is no milquetoast — he will crush all opposition with his mighty claws, like so!" Or something like that.

About 600 people showed up; one of them was "Larry in SF," who has also posted a photo essay about the rally on his Fund47 blog, including hi-res crowd shots to verify the attendance numbers. Larry has kindly consented to the use of a few of his photos (as credited) in this report; if you like them, check out his full photo essay here.

Even the pooches planned to vote for Romney. And why not? No voter ID is required. Just walk into any polling place and bark, "Woof! My name is woof! Eric Holder woof! Give me my woof! ballot!" Affix a pawprint as a signature, and you're good to go!