Global Warming murder fantasy nabs prize as most honest political ad of all time

“10:10” is a campaign to get people around the world to lower their carbon consumption by 10% in the year 2010. Global Warming and all that, you see.


It’s quite a large, well-organized movement, funded in part by the British government.

This morning, the 10:10 campaign released “No Pressure,” a much-anticipated video promoting the notion of compliance to the carbon-reduction drive, a video scripted by famed British screenwriter Richard Curtis (Notting Hill, Mr. Bean, etc.) and produced by a professional film crew with top-notch actors.


Within minutes of its unveiling earlier today, “No Pressure” caused such an uproar that it was taken offline while the producers issued an apology.

Luckily, enterprising bloggers saved copies and have been frantically re-uploading them to YouTube, to prevent the video from disappearing down the memory hole.

Why? Because no video has ever provided such a revealing and shocking peek into the mindset of the Global Warming alarmists.

Before I say any more, you absolutely need to see the video itself:

Alternately, you can watch directly on its (often faster-loading) YouTube page: 10:10 mini-movie – No Pressure

In both cases, let the video load fully before watching it, to get the full effect, and make sure to watch it all the way to the end.

Oh, and make sure you’re sitting down, too.

OK, now that you’ve lost your “No Pressure” virginity, what do you think? An effective way to convince people to lower their carbon footprint — or final proof that the Green movement are a bunch of crypto-fascists with violent fantasies of exterminating their opponents, and who use threats to enforce groupthink?


As James Delingpole put it in his column about the video, “Eco-fascism jumps the shark: massive, epic fail!

And just exactly how amusing is it to depict the graphic murder of children who refuse to march in lockstep with the Global Warming cult?

If someone set out to intentionally discredit the Global Warming movement, they couldn’t have made a video more devastating than this one. It’s as if the eco-fascists have an irrepressible urge to expose their unconscious fantasies to those whom they seek to dominate — like a serial killer who sends taunting letters to the media. “When we say ‘No pressure,’ what that really means is, ‘We will kill you if you don’t obey.’ So, don’t worry, NO PRESSURE. Understand? Our finger is hovering over the red button. Really, you are free to think whatever you want. (Wink.) No pressure. Ha ha ha!


Update: In case the above clip is pulled from YouTube, Ed Driscoll has also uploaded a copy of the video to his PJ Express blog, where he places it into context with last year’s increasingly violent environmentally-themed PSAs.


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