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Before clicking on the above video, take the warning of the Sad Hill blog to heart: “Do NOT watch this video if you wish to avoid portrayals of extreme violence, genocide, child murders, demonic practice and terrorism — all in the name of environmentalism.”

That disclaimer out of the way, we’ll get to the insane video at the top of the post in just a moment, but first, some background.

In a recent edition of City Journal, Fred Siegel explored how the radical environmentalism of the early 1970s created a new breed of “Progressives Against Progress,” as he put it:

In 1972, Sir John Maddox, editor of the British journal Nature, noted that though it had once been usual to see maniacs wearing sandwich boards that proclaimed the imminent end of the Earth, they had been replaced by a growing number of frenzied activists and politicized scientists making precisely the same claim. In the years since then, liberalism has seen recurring waves of such end-of-days hysteria. These waves have shared not only a common pattern but often the same cast of characters. Strangely, the promised despoliations are most likely to be presented as imminent when Republicans are in the White House. In each case, liberals have argued that the threat of catastrophe can be averted only through drastic actions in which the ordinary political mechanisms of democracy are suspended and power is turned over to a body of experts and supermen.

Paradoxically, today’s environmental fascists can use the power of the free market against itself, taking advantage of the freedom brought by powerful advances in computer video and computer illustration over the last decade to produce messages preaching the very opposite of freedom and individuality.

Last September,  shortly before the “Hide the Decline” story broke, doing to the left’s global cooling/warming/climate change/global climate disruption fantasies what RatherGate did for Dan Rather’s reputation, we noted a series of ads designed to “raise awareness” of “global warming.” Instead they raised awareness of how desperate the eco-left have been to escalate their rhetoric.

First, there was MasterCard’s ad, originally spotted by James Lileks, in which a credit card company helps a thoughtless father see the error of his consumerist ways by buying doubleplusgood enviro-themed consumer goods, thanks to the prodding of his benighted young son:

YouTube Preview Image

….But England’s Green Police takes their capital punishment seriously. Unlike a recent American Express advertisement, they’re not content to merely demolish hydroelectric dams; they’ve blowing up, Scanners-style, people who’ve committed doubleplusungood oldenvirothink.

Which brings us to the video at the top of the post, which we’ll discuss right after the page break.