Can You Get A Bachelor's In Terrorism?

Roger L. Simon has a good take on the early handover of power, and the media’s insistence on describing murderous thugs as “insurgents”:

I think the use of the term “insurgents” by the media inaccurate and propagandistic in its essence. As far as I know… and correct me if I’m wrong… there has not been one single of these people being anything but fascists, either of the Baathist or Islamist variety. Calling them “insurgents” then cloaks them in the romantic veneer of “freedom fighters.” We shall see whether the media continues with this obfuscation after the handover. (If there were neo-Nazis attacking the governments of Europe, would they call them “insurgents”? I think not.)


Reminds me of the 1970’s and ’80’s, when right-wing thugs were invariably described as “death squads” by the press, while left-wing or Islamic thugs were always “militants” or “rebels” or (in Iran) “students.”



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