Peter Dinklage Just Lost His Job (One of Them Anyway)

Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage just got replaced, not on that show, but in a video game where he voiced a key character. Dinklage can currently be heard as the artificial intelligence Ghost in the massively multiplayer online shooter Destiny. The game has been out for a year, but Dinklage will nonetheless be replaced by industry renowned voice talent Nolan North. From IGN:


Dinklage faced a lot of criticism for his unenthusiastic performance in Destiny, so the fact Bungie decided to replace him with someone slightly more familiar with the requirements of video game voice acting isn’t a huge surprise.

Video games remain unique among entertainment mediums as continually developing projects which expand, upgrade, and change over time. Nevertheless, this may be the first time a voice actor’s entire performance has been retroactively replaced a year after a game’s release.



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