Conservatives Have Greater Self-Control Than Liberals, Studies Suggest

It’s something conservatives have inherently known, but can now back with scientific evidence. Conservatives tend to have greater self-control than liberals. At least that’s what a series of studies detailed in a paper published Monday suggest. The key, it would seem, is the conservative belief in free will and personal responsibility. The Los Angeles Times reports:


“Conservatives tend to believe they had a greater control over their outcomes, and that was predicting how they did on the test,” said Joshua Clarkson, a consumer psychologist at the University of Cincinnati and the lead author of the paper.

The results make sense. Someone who believes that they control their own outcomes will naturally seek the liberty to do so. Conversely, someone who believes that life drifts along currents of fate will naturally regard success as a product of “privilege.” If you’re not responsible for your own outcomes, you hold no responsibility to control them.


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