Sarah Silverman vs. Rand Paul on 'Free Healthcare'

Sarah Silverman recently posted the above via her WhoSay page, retweeting “Rand Paul. Republican. Presidential candidate. Pragmatist. Thinker. Knob.” Clearly, the factually challenged comedian takes issue with Senator Paul’s description of “free healthcare” as slavery.


At first blush, the comparison may seem extreme. However, at root, it proves accurate. If your neighbor claims a right to the service you provide, you have no right to deny them access to that service. Fundamentally, a “right” to healthcare proves no different than a plantation owner’s “right” to cotton-pickers.

Paul paints a dramatic picture of doctors and other healthcare professionals being pulled out of their homes and compelled to work at the point of a gun. While that may not literally happen under Obamacare, force has been applied to set prices, limit and compel relationships, and tax individuals for services provided to others.

Slavery offends by denying individuals their right to live their life for their sake. That’s the crime. When we recognize that, we realize how prolific slavery actually is, and how rapidly the institution has expanded despite exaggerated reports of its demise.


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