Biden White House Shows Exactly How Not to Run a PR Campaign

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Night after night, the network news shows ran fresh clips of cheerful, hardworking American soldiers of every color and creed offloading crates of needed supplies to appreciative Gazans. The American troops were multicultural in that "no big deal" way they've been for so long now and, while the Gazans appeared a bit gaunt, they didn't seem to be too starving to make off with their U.S.-provided treasures — and certainly not enough to put off TV news viewers. It was, in short, a nightly reminder of Executive Branch competence from the White House, all the way down to the last American corporal seen passing out MREs. Presidentish Joe Biden enjoyed a slow but steady boost in the polls as Americans back home basked in their good works.

That is exactly what didn't happen. 

PJ Media's own Rick Moran told the true story earlier today: "The $320 million pier the United States built in Gaza to speed food and other aid to Gaza civilians has been virtually destroyed in what the Pentagon is calling 'heavy seas.'"

Here's what those few Americans still paying attention to Biden's PR stunts saw instead of cheerful soldiers and grateful Gazans.

Naturally, what aid did arrive was stolen by Hamas to be sold at a hefty markup to the people who were supposed to receive it.

To be fair to Biden's PR team, they have to work for the boss they have. My old friend (and former occasional co-blogger) Will Collier nailed it:

The best thing that can be said about this PR disaster — from the White House's point of view — is that outside of alternative press sites like PJ Media, few people read about it.

But they can't always blame Biden.

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I don't know whose bright idea it was to send a combative, unprepared, and perpetually angry-sounding Robert De Niro to stage an administration-approved protest — press conference — whatever the hell that was — outside of the Trump trial in New York City on Tuesday. But I do know it was the most comically bad PR idea from a White House that seems to be full of them lately.

My friend and colleague Stephen Kruiser wrote the whole thing up as only he could: "If there is anyone who the American people should take seriously about political matters, it's an actor who wanders up with goon squad security wearing a cloth mask."

Charlie Martin offered one explanation for the White House's De Niro stunt: "They really don’t think there’s going to be a conviction, and they understand going out with this after an acquittal would look amazingly bad." I happen to think Charlie might be right on this one. But the administration seems to have forgotten, once again, the old axiom that just because you need to do something doesn't mean you need to do this particular thing.

Particularly when it involves Robert De Niro going off-script in front of MAGA New Yorkers.

That's two easily avoided PR disasters in one week. The question is why.

I can think of only one reason for the White House's pathetic scramble. It's the fear that Trump's lead in swing states is "outside the margin of magic mail-in ballots," to borrow another phrase from Kruiser.

Don't get cocky. The election is still a long way off and the Dems still have plenty of dirty tricks up their sleeves. 

But do enjoy watching them flop-sweat. 


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