A World of Fail: Biden Foreign Policy Has Destabilized the Entire Globe

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In entirely predictable developments, the Biden administration's projection of weakness, indecisiveness, and moral collapse has led to instability and strife all across the globe.


Was it only less than four years ago that President Trump oversaw the historic Abraham Accords? That Israel signed recognition and normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in an unprecedented swing towards peace in the modern Middle East? Ah, those were the days.

Now, war rages as Israel hunts down the Hamas barbarians that attacked civilians last fall. The Biden administration is worse than leaderless; it's actively taking positions that will prolong the conflict. For Israel's sake, thank God that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still knows how to win a war: by crushing the enemy. It's not pretty, but in this situation, it's the best chance at re-establishing longer-lasting peace and stability.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration busies itself by lending support to Hamas — by giving aid to Gaza that will go directly to the terrorists — and looking foolish in the process. The pier that the U.S. military hurriedly built (to the tune of $320 million) has been destroyed by heavy seas less than two weeks after it opened. 

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The inept Biden administration, along with its NATO allies, is also prolonging the tragic war in Ukraine by continuing to provide just enough equipment and support to keep the invaded country in the fight. The truth is that much larger Russia is slowly but surely grinding Ukraine down, holding onto its gains, and beginning to advance again. Not only that, but Russia itself is doing quite well, thank you very much. Despite Biden's much-ballyhooed sanctions, Russia's economy is set to outpace the United States and all other "advanced economies" this year, according to an IMF projection.


Russia is now holding out offers of peace negotiations, demanding it gets to keep all the territory it now holds in Ukraine. Ukraine has heretofore refused to settle for less than the return of all Russian-occupied land including Crimea, though the invaded country doesn't have much to bargain with at this point. Biden's failure to lead and produce a resolution to this bloody war is inexcusable and has cost half a million lives at this point. 

Farther east, Taiwan inaugurated its new anti-Beijing, pro-U.S. president, Lai Ching-te, last week, and China immediately surrounded the island nation with aggressive air force and naval exercises. As the communist country's economy struggles (global bankers describe China as "uninvestable" these days), Newsweek speculates about whether China is gearing up for a hot war:

China's rapid accumulation of commodities has drawn global attention and led some analysts to speculate President Xi Jinping's country is girding itself for war over Taiwan.

"Xi seems to have studied the sanctions playbook the West used against Russia over Ukraine and subsequently initiated long-lead protective measures to batten down the hatches of China's economy to resist similar pressure," former Office of Naval Intelligence head Michael Studeman wrote recently on foreign policy analysis website War on the Rocks.


In Africa, political leaders are rejecting American aid and presence, and who can blame them? In a disgusting trend begun under Obama and continued by the Biden regime, that aid comes with demoralization requirements that completely disregard local customs and beliefs. They are exactly what you'd expect: abortions, alphabet-people supremacy, and prosperity-killing climate worship.

Niger is currently in the process of replacing U.S. troops with Russian ones. "Russian military personnel have entered an air base in Niger that is hosting U.S. troops, a senior U.S. defense official told Reuters, a move that follows a decision by Niger's junta to expel U.S. forces," Reuters reports. The Americans had been assisting Nigeria with security against violent insurgencies. "The U.S. and its allies have been forced to move troops out of a number of African countries following coups that brought to power groups eager to distance themselves from Western governments. In addition to the impending departure from Niger, U.S. troops have also left Chad in recent days, while French forces have been kicked out of Mali and Burkina Faso."

As the West falls further into socialism and immorality, its influence is less appreciated around the world. America in particular has proven itself an unreliable and undesirable ally under Biden and is no longer taken seriously. Bad actors are taking advantage of the opportunity, spreading crime, war, violence, and corruption.


Could a re-elected President Trump ever get this genie back into the bottle? Maybe, since it would be a reinvigorated America that re-elected him. But it sure was peaceful the last time he was in the White House.


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