The Dog Ate Harry and Meghan's Archewell Foundation Homework

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It isn't my habit to write about Harry and Meghan Sussex, kinda-sorta late of the British royal family, but the latest news about California's least-loved power couple is just too juicy to ignore. 


The UK Independent reported on Monday that the Sussex's charitable Archewell Foundation has been found "delinquent over unpaid fees" by the state of California and "warned it could face fines or suspension." In the meantime, the organization is "prohibited from engaging in conduct for which registration is required, including soliciting or disbursing charitable funds."

The notice—which also included a warning about possible penalties and late fees—came earlier this month from California Attorney General Rob Bonta's office after Archewell was found delinquent in January. Sacramento received its last check in February 2023. 

But that's when things got weirder. Or perhaps more desperate. Or silly. Or all three.

The Daily Mail wrote on Tuesday morning that the foundation "claimed that a cheque going missing in the post is why a US charity regulator has declared it 'delinquent.'" Also missing was Archewell's annual report, required by law of all charitable organizations.

A multimillion-dollar charity is supposed to have an accountant to keep track of these things and take care of lost checks or whatever long before they catch the attention of the state Attorney General's office. These kinds of "dog ate my homework" excuses don't pass the sniff test.


The Sussexes themselves have yet to make any statements on the matter.

Even before all of this odd news, Archewell hadn't been doing very well, according to that same Independent story:

The organisation’s 2021 filing, which was submitted last February, revealed that they had raised $13m (£10.3m) from benefactors, while they had given out $3m in grants.

The following year, they suffered an $11m drop in donations, with only $2m in charitable donations received.

It's fair to question whether the Sussexes didn't want to file the annual report because 2023's falloff was just as alarming as 2022's.

Meanwhile, Markle keeps trying to prove that she's the Joe Biden of Montecito. The New York Post wrote Monday that the Los Angeles native called Nigeria "my country" during the couple's three-day visit to the East African nation.

“I want to start by saying thank you very much for just how gracious you’ve all been in welcoming my husband and I to this country… my country,” she claimed at a Women in Leadership event on Saturday.

Look, I'll accept that kind of sociopathic posturing from the President of the United States because, at least until next January, I have no choice in the matter. But for someone who needs to create a public persona that makes people willing to donate money to her charity, it simply won't do.


All they had to do was keep up the life of royals — not always easy, despite some choice perks — but they chose instead what looks to my eyes like a life of grifting.

Twitter/X's invaluable Oilfield Rando put it succinctly with April's news that Markle was "gifting pots of jam to her celebrity pals ahead of the launch of her high-end lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard."

"Imagine," Rando posted, "a woman dragging you from literal royalty to hawking… jellies and jams."

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