VIDEO: Loyola Law School Anti-Racism Fellow Goes on One Helluva Racist Rant

Screencap via Twitter.

You might think that Loyola law student Grace Obi-Azuike would know better than to address some of her fellow students as "all you ugly ass little Jewish people," while ordering them to "get the f*** out of here" during a public meeting.


That's just basic good sense in this age of smartphones and video surveillance pretty much everywhere, even for foul-mouthed bigots. But in Obi-Azuike's case, it's worse.

Obi-Azuike, who is black, is also a Loyola Law School Anti-Racism Fellow where students say, "We embrace our moral and professional duty to engage, confront and dismantle individualized and structural racism, and we strive to integrate the values of anti-racism, equity and inclusion throughout our curriculum, programs and the law school community."

Fellows are selected "based on a combination of factors including academic achievement, leadership potential, experience in social and racial justice work, and community service," and receive "mentorship from LARC faculty and serve as a research assistant for a LARC project or initiative and a summer stipend."

So here's a charming little video of Obi-Azuike doing and saying exactly what I just told you she had done and said.


I thought putting her arms up in victory at the end was a nice touch, didn't you?

While the video doesn't show what led up to Obi-Azuike's racist outburst, decent people can probably agree that racist outbursts are never appropriate. 

Worse, or at least nearly as bad, is the response from her fellow and sister students. You can hear some applause and cries of "Oooh!" Those sounded to my ears less like condemnation for one student saying, "Get the f*** out of here all you ugly ass little Jewish people in this b**ch," to other students, and more like, "Well, wasn't that daring of her?"

I hope—or am at least forced to assume—that Grace Obi-Azuike wears her first name with irony. 

This is where I'd normally plug in a list of examples of antisemitism and other forms of racism on today's college campuses, particularly in the Ivy League, but I'm sure you've been inundated with them already these last six months. 

The cost of a single semester at Loyola's law school is $28,100, plus assorted "technology" and "student development" fees. I wonder which fees went to teach Obi-Azuike to speak like that in public to other students.

If you're at all concerned about the approximately $168,600 (plus assorted fees) that three years pursuing a JD at Loyola would cost, I'm sure that Presidentish Joe Biden has a plan to make sure that Obi-Azuike will never have to pay off her debts. She'll have every opportunity to pollute the legal system with her antisemitic tropes, unencumbered by the debts the rest of us will be saddled with. 


"Black people can't be racist," well-meaning fools (and their not-so-well-meaning thought leaders) on the Left keep telling me. But the truth is that anybody of any color, creed, or faith can be anything — good, bad, or merely meh. 

That's what real antiracism looks like, and it's something they no longer teach at Loyola, not even at the Loyola Anti-Racism Center.

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