SILVER ALERT: Have You Seen This Man?

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Someone in Washington law enforcement needs to issue a silver alert for the man who used to be Joe Biden, who is currently play-acting as President of the United States and last seen wandering aimlessly around various events in India, Vietnam, and Alaska. And while they’re at it, maybe round up the Cabal that actually runs the “Biden” White House for elder abuse — and for criminal conspiracy to completely ruin a once-great nation.


While Biden further embarrassed himself and the country during a two-nation tour of southern Asia, his team back home continued to chip away at the country’s security.

NBC News tried to play up Biden’s trip as perfectly presidential. “Biden prepares to head to Vietnam after high-stakes summit in India,” the headline read, as though this were a normal trip by a normal president.

Others have written up the individual incidents that dominated Biden’s G20 summit and his stopovers in Vietnam and Alaska. But to put them all together in one place reveals a POTUS who is even worse off than even some of his harshest critics might have realized before now.

The frolic and failure began in India on Saturday, where even the increasingly hardcore lefty USA Today was forced to admit that “President Joe Biden failed at a weekend summit” to “unite world leaders around a condemnation of Russia’s war in Ukraine.” This, by the way, is the summit deemed so important that Chinese Communist Party boss Xi Jinping felt no need to attend.

Anyway, USA Today’s White House correspondent, Francesca Chambers, must have written through clenched teeth that “even in their absence, Russia and China notched a win against the U.S. when it came to rallying the international community against the war.”

As I noted on Instapundit on Monday, “Biden is the kind of guy who can lose to people who didn’t even show up.”


And that, folks, is as good as it got on the Southern Asia Tour for the Bumbling Husk of the Most Powerful Man in the World.

Maybe the most infamous part of Biden’s trip was his “cringe-inducing twenty-six minutes in Hanoi,” as Ben Domenech put it. Biden mumbled and stumbled his way through “his frequently deployed Hollywood equivalent of a Mandela Effect — his own personal Berenstein Bears, his Stouffer’s Stove Top — about a movie scene that simply does not exist,” equating climate change “deniers” to those “lying dog-faced pony soldiers” that inhabit only whatever is left of his mind. Biden picked up steam again, as he moved from the fabulist John Wayne quote and into his climate change spiel — then quickly lost steam again.

“Staff, is there anybody I haven’t spoken to? I ain’t calling on ya, I’m calling on… it says I have five questions!”

Watching Biden fade in and out repeatedly during a single speech was about the most worrisome thing I’ve experienced since 9/11/2001 when my mom called and said, “Turn on the TV.” When I asked which channel, she said, “It doesn’t matter.”

On that terrible day, at least we had an accountable POTUS. These days? Not so much.

Meanwhile, questions remain, the foremost being: Why the hell was Biden in Vietnam and Alaska during the 9/11 remembrances? That’s an easy one to answer. The Cabal that actually runs the “Biden” Administration couldn’t risk Mendacious Joe telling an assembled group of 9/11 widows that his own son, Beau, died fighting the fires in the North Tower that day. Yet even from the hoped-for gaffe-free safety of far-off Alaska, Biden couldn’t help but insert himself into the 9/11 narrative.


“Never Forget,” Biden implored listeners in Alaska. “Ground Zero in New York. I remember standing there the next day and looking at the building. I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell, it looked so devastated.”

Biden was in the Senate on 9/12, delivering a speech.

In his galloping senescence, does Biden believe that he was in New York City on 9/12? Is he aware of the lies any longer? Does it matter?

“What,” my PJ colleague Greg Byrnes asked on Monday, “is holding the Democrats back from removing a party leader who looks more like the skipper of the Titanic than the head of our ship of state?”

That’s another easy one. The answer is “accountability.” The Cabal that installed and runs Biden has a convenient figurehead that most Americans see as a somewhat genial, if doddering, old man. Surely he can’t be governing with such malice, right? Meanwhile, behind the scenes and on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the Cabal cut a six-billion-dollar deal with America’s sworn enemies and state sponsors of global terrorism in Tehran.

“If only Comrade Stalin knew,” his labor camp victims wondered in denial at their fate. “If only Biden understood,” some of his remaining supporters must wonder, with a tiny bit more credibility.

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