Joe Biden's Personal Brand Is 'Squeaky Clean,' and I'm the Pope of Persia

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“Squeaky clean” is how nonpartisan pollster Mike Noble described Presidentish Joe Biden’s personal brand to NBC News, and I just threw up in my mouth a little. Maybe a lot.


Over at NBC News Tuesday morning, Jonathan Allen and Natasha Korecki fret that Biden’s “brand is being tested like never before” and just “ahead of a close 2024 election,” too. You see, Biden’s brand “as a family-oriented public servant” (I just threw up some more) is being put to the test by nasty House Republicans “investigating the extent of Biden’s role in helping his son Hunter Biden earn millions of dollars from foreign business interests during his time as vice president.”

“The recent revelations with Hunter Biden really are in conflict with the current perception of his image of being squeaky clean,” Mike Noble, the CEO of the nonpartisan Noble Predictive Insights and a preeminent pollster in the Southwest, said of the president.

According to Noble, Biden’s personal image in “key 2024 states of Arizona and Nevada” actually tracks better than his job performance rating. I’d guess it’s because people don’t read the news or because news organizations like NBC don’t report it.

Yeah, it’s the latter — as you’re about to see.

NBC’s story comes just hours after Cheryl Rex’s testimony to Congress about her treatment by Biden. Rex is the mother of Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola, who was killed by Taliban forces during Biden’s callous and botched retreat from Afghanistan. She told Congress that Biden told her, “My wife, Jill & I, know how you feel. We lost our son as well and brought him home in a flag draped coffin.” She continued, “My heart started beating faster & I started shaking, knowing that their son died from cancer and they were able to be by his side.”


Biden has told the same self-aggrandizing lie to multiple Gold Star families over the years. Squeaky clean, indeed.

Then there’s that stuff about the president’s seventh granddaughter, whom the family belatedly recognized in a Friday night news dump two weeks ago — following multiple, pointed references to Biden’s SIX, COUNT THEM, SIX grandchildren.

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Biden claimed for years during stump speeches that his first wife and baby daughter were killed by a drunk driver. In fact, the truck driver, Curtis Dunn, had nothing to drink — and Although Dunn was not at fault and was quick to render assistance, he was “haunted by the accident for the rest of his life.” POLITICO wrote in 2019 that a friend of Biden’s looked into the accident at the time and concluded that Neilia Biden “had a stop sign. The truck driver did not.”

The family begged Biden for years to stop lying about Dunn even after his death.

Perhaps most notoriously of all, the NBC News puff piece comes just days after Ashley Biden “confirmed on an audio recording that the diary she abandoned at a Palm Beach residence is hers.” Her tales of being terrorized by her own naked father while she showered are apparently true — as those of us who are honest about Joe Biden have believed since we first read the details of Ashley’s diary.

How much about any of these well-documented stories have you read in the mainstream media?


Here’s another question. Remember when Biden was forced out of the 1987 presidential race after getting caught lifting his personal biography from British Labour Leader Neal Kinnock and how that story blew extra-large because Biden had already been caught on video berating a New Hampshire voter with completely made-up details about his high IQ and achievements in law school?

The American Herald summed it up as recently as 2020 as “Biden’s troubling history of plagiarism,” but NBC’s Jonathan Allen and Natasha Korecki don’t seem to remember any of that. Instead, they reminded today’s readers that Biden has “never lost to a general-election opponent.”

No, but Biden did manage to lose the ’87 presidential primary to… Joe Biden’s big, lying mouth.

I’m certain NBC News covered those stories when they happened, but institutional memories are short when the institution NBC wants to protect isn’t their own but rather the party occupying the White House.



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