VIDEO: Is Kamala Harris Talking About Space or From There?

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Alleged Vice President Kamala Harris has a way with words like a mugger has with a victim whose wallet is empty: Abusive but ultimately pointless.

Harris spoke Friday at the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, Calif., a city where fewer than half of high school students are functionally literate, and only about one in five black and Latin students can read at grade level.


Nevertheless, Chabot hosted a symposium on new technologies being developed by firms like SpaceX in Texas.

Harris seemed most concerned that all these new technologies — like SpaceX’s reusable Falcon 9 rockets and the upcoming super-heavy lift reusable Starship — are being developed without the government sticking its nose in everywhere.

“Our government must deepen and strengthen our partnership with the private sector,” she insisted.

Deep and strong private/public cooperation between Washington and Boeing gave us the $22 billion SLS launch vehicle, which has yet to launch six years after it was supposed to.

“We will do this work to make sure our nation remains a role model for the responsible use of space because we know we must keep pace with the tremendous rate of innovation.”

Being a responsible role model and keeping pace with innovation are intertwined like scotch and sauerkraut — one does not follow from the other. Just like government and innovation. But you can be sure that nonsense line sounded nice to some 27-year-old speechwriter who knows literally nothing.

Also, SpaceX is the current rate of innovation, I’d like to remind the Veep. Elon Musk’s revolutionary launch firm would be innovating even faster if the Biden-Harris administrative elephant hadn’t spent months squatting on them.


Anyway, that’s as close to making sense as Harris came during her brief remarks. Courtesy of the GOP War Room, here’s the apogee in her long, slow orbit thousands of miles above Planet Reason.

(Any mistakes in the transcript are an accident on the part of the blogger. Any sense made during the speech was an accident on the part of the speaker.)

Here’s the patented VodkaPundit Quick & Dirty Transcript™:

We know that we are really quite behind in terms of maximizing our collective understanding about how we will engage on the technology of today. And what we can quickly and easily predict will be the technology over the next decades.

So to maintain our position as the United States of America on this issue, it is critical that we work together to understand where we are, to recognize and have the courage to speak truth about what is obsolete, and then to partner to ensure that we are speaking the same language with the same motivation, inspired by the opportunity of it all, but then doing the work of updating how we’ve been talking and thinking about our exploration in space.

Spoiler: We are not speaking the same language.

According to the Veep, there’s a lot of working together and thinking alike (innovation!) we need to do for the purpose of updating and talking and thinking. Because otherwise we risk falling further behind those who have maximized their collective understanding.


Once again, Harris badly delivered a pseudo-inspiring word salad written by people who have no idea about the day’s topic.

It could be worse, I suppose. She could be back in Washington, casting another tie-breaking vote on yet another innovation-crushing trillion-dollar tax and regulatory boondoggle.

At least, that’s my collective understanding about our position as the United States of America on this issue, partnered with those speaking the same language about what is obsolete.

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