Has Joe Biden Been Sniffing His Own Gaslight Fumes?

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Presidentish Joe Biden reminds me a bit of Inspector Clouseau pretending to be a dentist (a dentish?) in The Pink Panther Strikes Again. For reasons too complicated to explain, Clouseau is in one of his famous disguises (this time as Albert Einstein) and finds himself having to anesthetize Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus for a tooth removal. Clouseau, being Clouseau, ends up gassing himself as much or more than Dreyfus, to great comic result.

Clouseau is eventually so hopped up on his own laughing gas fumes that he almost seems to believe he’s a real dentist.

All of which is just a long way of introducing today’s question: Is it possible that Presidentish Joe Biden has been sniffing his own gaslighting fumes?

In an interview late last week, the Oval Office occupant said :

There’s a phenomenal negative psychological impact that COVID has had on the public psyche. And so you have an awful lot of people who are, notwithstanding the fact that things have gotten so better for them economically, uh, that they are thinking, but, how do you get up in the morning feeling happy?

Here’s the clip:

ASIDE: Not that it matters, but I’d wager next month’s mortgage payment that Biden is sitting in front of a green screen or is using Skype’s background blur feature (or something similar). Having worked in front of both for many years, I know the signs.

I’d be happy — very psychologically happy — with $2.80 gas, since that’s about where it was before the pandemic lockdowns crushed demand. Instead, I’m paying more like $3.50. And the writing is on the wall that prices are going nowhere but up.

I’d be happy — very psychologically happy — with an inflation rate in the 1-2% zone I’ve become accustomed to as an American adult. Instead, it’s up over 5% by the official measure and may be as high as 15% by the measure we used during the Jimmy Carter years.

I’d be happy — very psychologically happy — with an Administration that hadn’t emboldened Vladimir Putin with a bungled bugout from Afghanistan along with Biden’s one-man war on American domestic energy production. Let’s face it: Putin invaded Ukraine because what thug wouldn’t get a total WTF/YOLO attitude after just one phone call with Joe Biden?

All that unhappiness of mine is because, uh, I’m psychologically scarred by COVID? Slow Joe fails to realize that most Americans haven’t even done so much as wear a mask in public for over a year, and then only when we were absolutely required to wear one.

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Meanwhile, White House Spokesweasel Jen Psaki continues issuing statements from well inside the Reality Denial Field.

Just last week, as Vladimir Putin was using his renewed energy stranglehold as leverage in his Ukraine War, Psaki told another whopper: Joe Biden is doing “everything he can to reduce the impact on energy costs” of the Ukraine War, including “considering a range of options that are all on the table to reduce the market” and “engaging closely with partners around the world.”

Um, no.

Biden isn’t going to get anything out of our “partners.” He already asked once for OPEC to pump more oil, and they stopped counting their $95-a-barrel profits just long enough to let out a short, sneering laugh.

Biden isn’t going to magically restart Keystone XL.

He isn’t going to betray his party’s whacko wing and renew all those fracking leases.

CBS, those willing (and sometimes even able) Democrat party propagandists, got in on the action:

Apparently, Putin went back in time and actually invaded Ukraine over a year ago.

(The Ukraine war is over a year old? It must be going even worse than I thought.)

What gets me — no, what offends me — about all these gaslighting attempts is just how lazy they are. There’s no respect for the intelligence of the average American, and there’s even less respect for the average American’s BS detector.

Americans, God bless us, aren’t buying it. Joe’s polls are in that crapper he sometimes doesn’t reach in time, and it isn’t because of some imaginary COVID hangover.

This brings me back to my original question of whether, maybe, the left is so disconnected from reality that they might somehow believe what they’re spewing. If Clouseau, after enough laughing gas, believed he could actually be a dentist, maybe all the gaslight vapors in Washington have gone to their heads.

And to think we all thought we were screwed when the Biden Crew was still mostly sober. Now? I think I’d like to put myself in a scotch-induced coma and stay there until after the next election. Or two.

Anyway, if we can’t laugh at the news, at least we’ll always have Peter Sellers, so enjoy the clip:


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