DeSantis Blasts Biden: 'I Don’t Wanna Hear a Blip About COVID From You'

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DeSantis Blasts Biden and It’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Margaritaville) had some choice words for Presidentish Joe Biden on Wednesday.


Responding to an attack by Biden, accusing DeSantis (and Texas Governor Greg Abbott) of failing to do “the right thing to beat this pandemic,” the Sunshine State guv had some things to say

“Why don’t you do your job? Why don’t you get this border secure?,” DeSantis asked rhetorically.

“Until you do that,” he continued, “I don’t wanna hear a blip about COVID from you, thank you.”

Here’s the clip:

The only way this clip could have been better is if DeSantis had said, “I don’t wanna hear [BLEEP] about COVID from you,” only without a [BLEEP].

But I can be crude like that sometimes.

Despite campaign promises to act more “presidential” than former President Donald Trump was supposed to have acted, Biden lowered the tone of discourse yet again on Tuesday.

Biden accused the governors of Florida and Texas of lacking “leadership” and insisted they “at least get out of the way.”

While Florida and Texas do lead the nation in new COVID cases, the so-called surge of hospitalizations remains a minuscule fraction of what they were during the height of the pandemic.


Biden’s attack also ignored three vital facts.

The first is that COVID-related deaths are still way down, even in Texas and Florida.

The second is that Florida is home to the largest proportion of elderly residents in the country. The elderly, of course, were and remain the most susceptible to the Wuhan Flu. Despite that, the state has actually enjoyed a COVID-related death rate lower than New York.

The third is Biden’s own role in creating Texas’ troubles. His semiofficial policy of putting down the welcome mat for illegal aliens has unleashed a flood of immigrants into Texas. Unknown thousands of whom are infected and often given special treatment — and basically zero supervision — by federal authorities.

That’s what really got DeSantis riled up.

Biden is putting on a show of being tough on COVID, whatever that means, while actively making things worse.

While Biden keeps his focus on hygiene theater, DeSantis has been at the forefront of smart COVID policy.

Biden is on the attack because his popularity is shrinking as people learn the consequences of his lousy policies.

DeSantis is reacting forcefully because he knows he’s right and Biden is wrong.


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