The Morning Briefing: The Trump Comeback Has Begun

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Trump’s Gonna Do It Again

Welcome, one and all, to an abbreviated edition of Stephen Kruiser’s Morning Briefing… guest-hosted for one day only by Your Friendly Neighborhood VodkaPundit.


Kruiser is celebrating a big birthday in that kind of hearty fashion that you know in advance will lead to a crushing headache, a foul stomach, and zero regrets, so he’s asked me to fill in for him today, and our friend and colleague (and “Five O’Clock Somewhere” cohost) Bryan Preston tomorrow.

Please excuse the tardiness of today’s briefing, as I wasn’t certain at first how to fill Kruiser’s well-loved shoes.

Let me say this, though: After having saved the Republican Party from some of its worst Democrat Lite tendencies, at least in part, Donald Trump might just have saved CPAC from boredom.

And — wait for it — paved the way for yet another big Trump comeback.

While I’m not sure how many CPAC conferences I’ve attended over the years, in terms of excitement and even relevance they’ve been at best an uneven affair.

Last year’s CPAC was held just as COVID was gaining steam, and felt like such a letdown that I didn’t bother going this year. Neither did Kruiser, despite the fact that his Kruiser Kabana three-day-long party is usually the highlight of an otherwise staid event.

But then back came former President Trump, reputedly permanently on the ropes after his election loss and the debacle of January 6.

Kruiser and Preston and I had talked about Trump’s “humiliation” in the post-election period on a couple of our live chats, and I’ll share my thoughts here with a broader audience than we get for those VIP Gold-only chats.


My first hope after the election loss and Team Trump’s incoherent attempt to legally challenge the result was simple: That Trump would cool off for a few weeks after the Asterisk Inaugural, put together a sharper team in the spring or summer, and then go about the serious business of making just one more comeback.

But after January 6, I was forced to concede that I wasn’t sure how he could make that happen. Whatever actually happened at the Capitol that day, no matter who might have set it up, the visuals — and the Democrat-Media Complex exploitation of the riots — were perhaps too damaging for anyone to come back from, even Donald Trump.

However, I said at the time, Trump is the master of comebacks. I didn’t know how he might do it, or if he’d succeed, but he was certain to try.

At CPAC this weekend we saw the template for Trump’s comeback.

By all reports, the energy level was so high — the anticipation for Four More Years, really — that it made me regret my decision not to attend this year.

Trump Comeback began at CPAC
 (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)


Did you watch his keynote speech? Did you at least listen to it?

That was Trump at his best. This wasn’t the angry, flailing Trump we saw belatedly address the nation on January 6. This was the Trump we saw during the GOP convention last summer: Positive, energetic, and showing he’s still just head-over-heels in love with this country.


I was about to call Trump “Reaganesque,” but that’s not quite the right word.

Trump was Trump.

His return to his best form erased all memory of the worst moments from the post-election fiascos and proved the sunny fighter is still there, and still spoiling for a fight.

Trump was Trump…

…and that’s how he makes his comeback.

If you thought the Left went ape-stuff crazy the first time Trump did this, by 2024 the bat-guano is really gonna hit the fan.

That’s it for my guest-hosting job today, and while I can’t wait to see what Bryan Preston does tomorrow, let’s get to the link-fest, shall we?

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And Now for Something Lovely and Non-Political Yet Tangentially Related to Today’s Briefing

Kruiser will be back on Wednesday, epically hungover and ready to rumble.


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