Insanity Wrap #66: Mike Lee Defends the Republic, Liberty, and Prosperity, Then the Left Goes Lunatic

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Insanity Wrap needs to know: Does Twitter attract angry, ignorant people or does it create them?

Answer: Seriously, we’d love to know.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • BLM comes after the suburbs
  • Democrats repel COVID-19, except when there’s a Republican around
  • Can Biden save the world? (Spoiler: No.)

And so much more.

Shall we begin?

This Is Not a Sane World, Exhibit #1,000,006

And so of course the Left went nuts.

Democracy is how you vote the bastards in or out.

Having a constitutional republic is supposed to keep the bastards from doing too much damage before you get the chance to vote them back out.

“Rank democracy” — pure democracy unfettered by constitutional strictures — is mob rule.

Mob rule is the enemy of the “liberty, peace, and prosperity” we mean to protect in a constitutional republic featuring occasional, regular elections.

In other words: Democracy in and of itself is not the objective; it’s a part of the process we use to protect our liberties that create the conditions necessary for prosperity.

But why think of all that when instead you can just take to Twitter and be crazy about what Senator Lee didn’t say?

The comments from the non-Blue Checkmark Mafia were even less well-informed and even more hateful.

You can take Insanity Wrap’s word for that, or you can click over and wallow in the muck for yourself.

We highly recommend the former over the latter.

Leaving aside the dictionary definitions of “republic” and “democracy” which must seem arcane and esoteric — if not downright foreign — to the maleducated crybullies who dominate social media, which part of “And to the Republic for which it stands” is news to these people?

Your Daily Dose of Mostly Peaceful Protest

BLM rioters smash the windows of HOMES in Milwaukee suburb after a black officer was cleared in the shooting death of an armed black teen

If, after this, Biden-Harris win the suburbs and the White House, Insanity Wrap is sorry to have to inform you that suburban voters are going to get what they voted for, good and hard.

But you knew that already, didn’t you?

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Any Excuse Will Do

And for the same completely scientific reason, Joe Biden can’t appear 12 feet away from Donald Trump with not one but two Plexiglass partitions between them.

Funerals repel cooties, according to the very latest in fashionably scientific faith*.

*Democrat funerals only, hater.

Answers to Questions No One Is Asking

Insanity Wrap Presents Joe Biden Flashing the White Supremacy Signal
 (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


Can Biden Save the World?

Kemal Dervis is asking that.


With a straight face, one presumes.

Biden can’t make it past breakfast half the time, but he’s going to save the world.

Let’s see how:

An administration led by the Democratic challenger could pursue a concerted US effort to renew multilateralism and reverse the trend toward a starkly divided world of great-power rivalry. At a time of unprecedented global challenges, such an outcome would benefit all, including China.

Insanity Wrap harbors not the slightest doubt that a Biden administration would benefit China.

This country, the Middle East, India, Japan, maybe even Europe… not so much.

Here’s Another Damn Thing We’re Supposed to Be Concerned About

Jake Tapper is, Insanity Wrap regrets to inform you, the world’s cheapest and most obvious concern troll.

Years ago — so long ago that Tapper was still a darling among many conservatives — Insanity Wrap called him out for such cheap concern trolling that we were forever relieved of any delusions we might have once held about his basic fairness.

The story concerned an incident ten years ago in which Israeli commandos boarded a Turkish ship trying to break Israel’s security blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The “peace activists” attacked the Israeli commandos and, as a result, nine people were killed in the raid, including one Turk who held dual American citizenship.

They hadn’t been to the U.S. since he was two years old, but whatever.

Tapper interviewed (if we recall correctly) the Israeli ambassador while guest-hosting on ABC’s This Week. With all the faux outrage he could muster, Tapper practically assailed the ambassador because apparently the commandos were supposed to check everyone’s passports before returning fire, just in case one of them happened to have dual U.S. citizenship.

And that’s when Insanity Wrap was done with Tapper.

One More Thing…

True story. This happened to Insanity Wrap in our son’s carpool dropoff lane this very morning.

So of course we posted it to Facebook almost immediately.

And if you’re thinking that this morning’s sunlit carpool dropoff required extra-dark sunglasses following last night’s debate drunkblog, then you know us well.

That’s a Wrap for today.

Come back tomorrow for another Insanity Wrap…

…assuming we make it that long.

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