VIDEO: Bernie Punches Speed Bag, Speed Bag Punches Back

I’ve watched this clip approximately a million and six times already, and it still hasn’t gotten old. And it’s got to be a metaphor for something, I’m just not sure exactly what.


You might have read that Bernie Sanders just announced his plan to save journalism “from Google and Facebook dominance.” His plan, in essence, is to tax targeted ads (I’m not against this) in order to “to fund nonprofit civic-minded media,” which should scare the pants off any free-minded individuals. We already have a thriving nonprofit civic-minded media. It’s called the blogosphere, and it covers the entire range of political thought. You can bet Bernie dollars would be directed to the politically correct.

You’re from the government and you’re here to help? I’ll pass.

As for our rotten professional journalist class, they’re having none of what Bernie’s selling. RawStory just published a piece by left-leaning Keith Spencer, detailing “how elite pundits informally coordinate their anti-Sanders rhetoric.”

The Sanders camp has encouraged supporters to use the #MyBernieStory to promote feelgood Twitter items about the candidate. But MSM coverage of the #MyBernieStory has been almost uniformly negative. Spencer reports that MSNBC’s fully rehabilitated Brian Williams “displayed a single, disingenuous tweet mocking the hashtag from an anonymous Twitter account with a large following.” And apparently, another MSNBC reporter, Stephanie Ruhle, got in on the anti-Bernie action.


There’s much more at the link, including a false claim by Lefty Ur-Blog DailyKos that “Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Doxed a Critic on Twitter.” Honestly, the whole thing is just so insidery and backstabby that I couldn’t be bothered. So I skipped down to the conclusion, which is that “the liberal elite of media and punditry, in general, do not like Bernie Sanders and will go to great lengths to depict his supporters as bad people.”

Maybe some of that bad press is warranted.

POLITICO reported Monday on Sanders’ visit to San Francisco’s famous John’s Grill restaurant, which is frequented by local politicians. Bernie showed up, ordered the lobster bisque and a tomato salad, then proceeded to annoy everyone. Owner John Konstin told POLITICO about a big party he hosted with Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, all led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was “pure class.” But then Konstin said, “It was all very nice, except for cranky Bernie.”


Bernie arrived with his entourage of about 15 people, but “didn’t want to shake hands, he didn’t want a picture,” according to Konstin. POLITICO also quotes Konstin saying, “He wasn’t nice to any of the staff,” and that the “rude and cranky” candidate has “lost my vote.”

That was one expensive bowl of soup. But as we all know, on a long enough timeline, everything becomes a bit from Seinfeld.


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