Can't Stand the Heat? Biden Looks and Sounds Terrible on the Trail Today


Longtime Twitter artiste Comfortably Smug saw that just before I did, and tweeted exactly what I was thinking: “Get him off the trail. Get him in some shade, out of the heat, and some water before you f***ing hurt this guy. This is getting ridiculous.”

And then there’s this ominous parallel:

Perhaps more on point, another Twitter user said, “He just looks unhappy and old.”

I’d be unhappy, too, if I were making my third failed (?) run at the Democratic nomination, at an age when I should be retired and enjoying a life of leisure on the money I got foreigners to give to my son through official influence peddling. Wouldn’t you?

Biden’s health actually seems fine, but no one at his age should be crowded around like that with the summer sun beating down. I’m almost three decades younger than Biden, but I think I’d rather embarrass myself in public wearing a Brockabrella than endure that situation unshielded.

Whatever is or isn’t up with his health, it’s certainly safe to question the former veep’s political judgment today. Katie Pavlich got a hold of Biden’s latest fundraising plea, and it seems like his team might have spent a little too much time out in the sun, too.


Obviously, Biden doesn’t write his own fundraising emails. However, that this one came out around the same time congressional Democrats were leaking to Jake Tapper that Trump is killing them with the “Squad” stuff makes you wonder if Team Biden and Team Pelosi enjoy clear lines of communication.

So I guess the question is this: If Joe is moving left by clinging to “The Squad,” will the even-further-leftists he’s running against get desperate enough to use his age and health against him?

Bernie Sanders couldn’t, Liz Warren probably shouldn’t, but you have to wonder if a Kamala Harris, a Cory Booker, or a Pete Buttigieg just might. I’ve been thinking of Biden as “The Evitable Nominee” for a while now, but he’s going to just jog his way right to the nomination if some other candidate doesn’t get out there and trip him.

So c’mon, what are you other candidates waiting for — your moment in the sun?


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