'This Is Donald Trump Speaking'

FILE - In this April 9, 1991 file photo, Donald Trump is seen in New York. Back when Trump’s love life was tabloid heaven, a Trump spokesman with intimate knowledge of the businessman’s personal relationships offered juicy stories about a failing marriage, a new live-in paramour and three other girlfriends he was juggling at once. (AP Photo/Luiz Ribeiro, File)

The Washington Post has — on tape — Donald Trump claiming to be a Trump spokesman named John Miller or sometimes John Barron.

This stuff is from the ’80s and ’90s, but strikes me as deeply weird even today. Decide for yourself:


Some reporters found the calls from Miller or Barron disturbing or even creepy; others thought they were just examples of Trump being playful. Today, as the presumptive Republican nominee for president faces questions about his attitudes toward women, what stands out to some who received those calls is Trump’s characterization of women who he portrayed as drawn to him sexually.

“Actresses,” Miller said in the call to Carswell, “just call to see if they can go out with him and things.” Madonna “wanted to go out with him.” And Trump’s alter ego boasted that in addition to living with Maples, Trump had “three other girlfriends.”

Miller was consistent about referring to Trump as “he,” but at one point, when asked how important Bruni was in Trump’s busy love life, the spokesman said, “I think it’s somebody that — you know, she’s beautiful. I saw her once, quickly, and beautiful . . . ” and then he quickly pivoted back into talking about Trump — then a 44-year-old father of three — in the third person.

In 1990, Trump testified in a court case that “I believe on occasion I used that name.” He did not respond to a request for comment for this article.


Stories like this one — and the deluge has begun, now that he has all-but-secured the GOP nod — will help cement Trump’s lousy reputation with moderate voters.

Of course, all he has to do is keep his head above the slime level set by Hillary Clinton — so who knows?

UPDATE: Our sources have just delivered this revealing item from Trump’s past.

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