Is That an Oculus on Your Face...

The new Glasshole? (Rex Features via AP Images)

Sure, Google Glass made wearers look like jerks — but only when they’re wearing the things.

Not so with Oculus Rift:

The first gamers to get their hands on the full Oculus Rift have noticed embarrassing side-effects to wearing Facebook’s virtual reality headset.

While the $599 (£417) gadget may immerse them in realistic fantasy scenes, it has left some users with red-faced – literally.

The awkward marks have been dubbed ‘Oculus face’ or ‘Rift rash’ and are part of the perils of the innovative technology.

Journalists Ben Popper of The Verge and Steve Kovash and Ben Gilbert, from Tech Insider shared photos of themselves with Oculus face on Twitter, with Mr Popper writing: ‘The new walk of shame: Oculus face after a VR bender’.

The first batch of gamers are receiving the headsets, with more reports of ‘Oculus face’ expected, because the headset has just been shipped to buyers.


There’s a big screen in my living room, and a smaller screen on my desk. Oftentimes there’s a screen on my lap, and there’s usually one in my pocket. And from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed, there’s even a tiny screen on my wrist.

And I’m not exactly outside the mainstream, or at least not by much.

So why would anyone want to strap a nausea-inducing screen to their face?


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