ISIS Beheads Five Russians

(Vidcap courtesy of Clarion Project)

Good lord:

The Islamic State has executed five Russian nationals after accusing them of spying within ISIS controlled territory.

This is in addition to the beheading of a Russian citizen last week by a man now dubbed “the Chechen Jihadi John.”

“Yes, this Russian citizen was a Chechen,” Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of Chechenya told reporters on December 3. “He was beheaded.”

A Russian security source said, “The victim is unlikely to have had any relation to our special services.”


Graphic video (in Russian) at the link.

The report also claims there are 2,400 Russians fighting for ISIS. That’s enough to make you wonder if ISIS selected a few of their own to execute for propaganda purposes, or if they somehow managed to get their hands on five non-ISIS Russians to murder.

Either way, it’s clear that somebody is going to have to get serious about killing every single one of these Islamic State fighters, because they’re simply too murderous, too radical, and too ruthless to share this planet with decent people.


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